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5/25 c6 Cthul
Really promising start and a relatively rare plot. However your pacing is terrible and why bother not letting the village know about what Danzo did to Minato and Kushina, having them hide and letting people continue to screw with Naruto just for the sake of ‘plot’ is the dumbest decision ever.
5/20 c22 Peinguinmaster2
I love this book
5/10 c23 Peinguinmaster2
i want chapter 25 nowww and i might pay you
4/30 c24 KittyStarBlue
Naruto y Hinata no tienen sentido como pareja quedan nejor como amigos.
4/12 c24 Zero
Love this just have to ask will you update your Digimon story?
4/11 c24 Peinguinmaster2
where is the next chapter
4/3 c24 Zasun
Binged the shit out of this I love it
4/3 c24 15Leaf Ranger
Hopefully they get to Fu in time with Tsunade. We'll see. It might be tougher with no Oorchimaru to help cause incentives one way or another here.

And seems Kabuto and Kimimaro are working now to get Orochimaru back. Oh joy.

Good chapter overall, keep it up!
3/30 c2 Rezenith
The s rank secret, Naruto's parentage, being hidden was one of the dumbest and weakest justifications alongside Hiashi being liable for killing the Kumo diplomat when he was kidnapping Hinata (the fuck is your one kumo nin is separated from the main diplomat party and none of the other kumo noticed? Bs).

Literally everyone knew Naruto was the ninetails sacrifice because of Danzo, yes, including the other 4 nations. And Literally everyone in Konoha who knew Kushina was married, and pregnant as well, to Minato. And if they didn't, wouldn't you know it, the one Uzumaki kid, the Uzumaki canonically the only bloodline that handle the immense corruption that Kurama's Chakra bears, has blue eyes and blond hair.

It's such a piss poor retcon plot point fumble that makes Hiruzen downright loony tunes villainous like a lot of Dumbledore bashings.

Rant over
3/29 c2 blazotony1
But that's not what happened. Danzo was the one who leaked Naruto's status to the Village. This would give them another reason to want to kill the man
3/26 c24 Guest
I want to see how Itachi reacts to what Danzo did to Minato and Kushina! Why do you keep prolonging it, and you had better not skip it! Had Danzo not kept Minato and Kushina hidden, then the Uchiha never would have been pushed to the point of rebelling!
3/28 c24 48Wolvmbm
Nice short chapter. Still a bit at stakes at the moment. Makes me wonder how will Itiachi react to Minato’s return ? Plus delaying Orochimaru’s return is an interesting change of pace if he does return in three years time.

Please do keep up the great work on this amazing tale as I cannot wait to see what happens next.
3/28 c24 4D.Mentor
Another great chapter; thank you for writing.
3/28 c24 SPark681
Hmm, so the team is closing in on Tsunade hopefully they can convince her to return to Konoha anyways keep up the great work!
3/27 c5 kr0n0s00
is it possible to add karin to Naruto and Hinata's pairing?
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