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for Making Up For Lost Time

5/26 c19 Astramilitarum01
Honestly the emotional effect of his parents pooping up out of nowhere is so lackluster and weak it invalidates the story as a whole, it makes everything else a bad joke.
You can't set up a story like that and than paint it over in a few sentences.
The story lacks so much in the emotionn department that it's not even funny, i don't need big drama but this is so unrealistic that instead of making up for lost time , the story basically wasted mine.
5/24 c19 EVIL-SAGE
if you wanted me to hate hijiri then you have achieved it. Never have i wanted a character dead than this one.
5/3 c2 KadiganKSb
Hmm... For some reason, the entire emotional reaction doesn't connect with me. It feels like there's a ton of things that are missing. The story is okay-ish, but somehow it doesn't feel like parents reuniting with a child.

They should've been overcome. They should've been livid. There should've been property damage included. I don't know, there should've been SOMETHING. Something other than... this.

Still, I'm not going to just throw it away, since the story is fine-ish. Let's see what happens next. Even if it's not perfect, maybe it can be a fair fix fic. ;]
4/27 c1 WalkersCrown
I have a great distaste for OP OCs... especially against a men such a Minato...
4/21 c1 1k.deathnote.5
Apollo Uchiha is doing a great job of telling your fanfic
2/11 c10 Joshbbeer
Your so boring wasting so much chapter on emotionalcshit
12/28/2021 c19 Guest
Love the story please post the next chapter
12/26/2021 c9 zx20000006
So will naruto ever be able to use hirishen like his father or will this drawback hang over his head throughout the whole story? Also the drawback wasn’t needed nobody expects naruto to learn the hirishen in two months especially when he just started learning fuinjutsu two months ago you could have just waited until after the time skip to give him hirishen instead of nerfing it like that
11/9/2021 c5 Spiritwolf45
So far it is just okay but this is just my opinion but I just don't see Naruto being able to becoming as fast as your making him to be in a little over a month that and with his kenjutsu but oh well
11/8/2021 c3 Spiritwolf45
So far the story is okay my thing is there is no way Naruto can get so fast and strong in just a couple weeks but oh well
11/8/2021 c2 spiritwolf35
I guess I can check this story out again
9/5/2021 c19 Astramilitarum01
It's not bad but a bit anticlimactic for my taste the meeting of Naruto's parents, his reaction, the villagers, the 3rd Hokage all is more or less instantly forgiven or has little to no direct consequences. That's not how people really react and far more tame than a M rating would suggest.
Doesn't mean it's a bad story, but I personally have a bit of problems with the always forgive and forget type of Naruto. I don't need a dramafest but where the hell is the Anger ? If I'm imprisoned for 12 years and find out that my son was treated worse than shit and my dieing wish was ignored there is no way in hell I'm sitting on my hands.
8/22/2021 c19 jman47
Your story is really as a page turner Keep writing please
8/2/2021 c19 Iwr1918
i really enjoy the fights in this story so far though im not too sure about hijiri and her power tbh
8/1/2021 c5 8LadyHokageSama
I'm awful with riddles, so I feel so satisfied with myself that I understood Naruto's riddle right away! And I love that it was Kushina that both helped Hinata and gave her the test. Hinata was smart for figuring out something wasn't quite right about the brown haired woman!
Also, just a note, I had the same idea about an Uzumaki taijutsu style being based on water and flowing around the attacker to avoid them before attacking. I've been working on a fanfic of my own and had put that in there, so it's cool we both had the same idea!
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