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4/29 c19 Chaos
I hope you write another chapter soon.
It,s willy a great story and with all others
4/21 c9 Guest
It’s fucking idiotic to stop to have a chat in the middle of fights for your life. The mind space was one thing. But outside of that. Taking your eyes off your enemy to talk to your comrade is god damned retarded. Telling your enemies how your damned attacks work is beyond stupid.
And were the anbu and kushina having a nice stroll? They can get from one side of the village to the other in seconds or a minute at most and you want us to believe they were traveling for 20 minutes? At full speed the Anbu could have been halfway to wave country in twenty minutes. Guess they didn’t care to help against orichimaru. And why wasn’t minato doing something knowing orichimaru was in the forest? Why don’t the idiot hokages use shadow clones? This story is chock full of stupidity. Everyone is behaving in the most idiotic manner possible. Narutos training was worthless. He’s still to fucking stupid to be a ninja. Not that 99% of naruto verse actually know a single thing about stealth, silence, or being unobtrusive. “Ninjas” they are not. Ridiculous.
4/21 c8 Guest
You do like to drag shit out. It’s getting boring. It’s the same stupid shit as every other naruto fic. Naruto is fractionally better but is still an idiot and the same shit is happening so what is the point in reading this?
4/22 c19 4arisasonoda84
hmm the view a little too much but i like how u made hijiri mysterious character, the too oc character i guess gaara but should be because the seal and kiba also ino but oddly they fit in the story
4/22 c8 arisasonoda84
i still prefer hinata,, while she is too gentle ,she is strong in her own way , i like how u write her character
4/22 c6 arisasonoda84
i quite forget sasuke character but he is not as vengetful as in. this story, though u made him quite interesting ,
4/22 c3 arisasonoda84
i like how u write minato's character, good graps
4/22 c3 arisasonoda84
the perfective in story is okay , need a little gesture to the character but so far this good , could be better though
4/22 c1 arisasonoda84
i love reading this, i couldn't wait for the next
3/30 c19 Tooolsbutokay
Sooooooooo good. You are a gifted writer and I can’t wait for more!
4/1 c19 Silverwingzz
You said that you weren’t trying to make them look weak but you basically just did, Minato would have won that fight hands down. He fought against obito and analyzed the way he used his technique to hit wihh the a rasegan easily, so why would that not happen now? Hate how stories make characters weaker because of plot, if your gonna do it make it more realistic, not having both of them get their ass handed to them like this. Even if your oc is good it doesn’t mean their on that lvl of skill, you can’t just make a random person overpowered like that, it ruins the whole story. Not only that but you had the three cloak get whooped, which by the way makes no sense, even orochimaru had trouble with it before it turned into the 4 tails.
3/30 c19 FledditFliveflind
We all know this will never be completed, so I don't know why I bother, but did you really have someone use wind release to disrupt a bijudama? Lmao what a fucking joke.
3/30 c2 FledditFliveflind
Sure, sure, Hiruzen "tried"... LOL. No.

This whole "your enemies would harm him" bullshit you retards spout makes no sense. Guess what, dumbass, Hiruzen has enemies too. But guess what? He's got a grandson that runs around the village spouting off his name. No one kills him..? What about Asuma? He's Hiruzen's son, and, what'd'ya know! No one killed him as a kid for being the Third's son!
3/21 c3 2Yuzuki476
Good job with this chapter.
3/18 c19 Moreplease
You are a very talented writer and this is a great story. Can hardly wait for the next chapter!
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