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1/14 c9 Westrannor
So Minato just has godlike concentration then considering his killing of an entire army with the Hiraishin?
1/14 c19 TigrezzTail
Yeah, i feel you. the only way to do Orochimaru justice is to make him the OP escape artist that he is. Which makes you want to grind your teeth becaue he really does just need to die! Wicked fight, though, despite your doubts.
1/14 c19 ArashiNokitsune
should have killed hijiri she is worse then scum or at least scar her if you're still using the character and don't make her seem god like a challenge sure, but to block a tailed beast ball just no bull to the no
1/13 c1 8xyvortex
Nice start, I enjoyed the first chapter though I have a couple of nit-picks.
First, a minor punctuation issue when the Hokage called for Inoichi, you should have ended that with a period, then his command to Kakashi begun in another sentence. It sounds like he's calling for both to be summoned, the way it's written.
Secondly, and I'm assuming it was a choice for expediency, the Hokage immediately trusted that these were both Minato and Kushina, even though he saw them dead twelve years ago. He should have waited to summon Naruto until Inoichi had done his mind-walk and verified who they were.
Other than that, I'm enjoying the read. thanks!
1/12 c19 diegoossorio1
can someone explain me what happened with fu and hijiri teamate?
he died during orochimaru invasion
i dont remember someone telling this
1/12 c19 15Leaf Ranger
Sio they attack orochimaru, but he got away. And damn that Hijiri. Hope somebody comes along and smacks her around...that isn't one of the akatsuki, since that's sort of a given that Pein at least did so.

Overall though, great chapter, nice work, keep it up!
1/12 c19 zalcik
gonna be honest. i didn't like how this chapter came out. Personally i dont care for OCs even less for overpowered ones. its one thing for hijiri to take everyone by surprise and overpower an emotional Naruto. fighting of kushina and Minato and orochimaru AND Naruto powered up by the nine-tails and winning falls firmly under the bullshit
1/12 c19 dbtiger63
Both Orochimaru and Kijiri made Minato and Kushina look weak. Saying after the facts that they weren’t going all out is a cop out at best. Their objective was to kill Oro; to come at him less than 100% makes no sense. Why bother? Didn’t like how this played out at all; Minato alone should have taken out Oro, he wasn’t even at full strength! The kunoichi played with Kushina, making her look like a chunin versus the bamf she was being touted as.

Good luck and take care.

1/12 c19 1TheWateringWizard
Okay the end note explained a lot of the things I wanted to write down in this review ! Otherwise it’s was really cool to see Kushina fight ! And I know Tayuya’s potty mouth will be hilarious
1/11 c19 16Ander Arias
There's something I don't get about Hijiri: if she's an Akatsuki, why did she try to kill Fu? Akatsuki want the beasts inside the jinchuriki, and killing them is counterproductive.

And please, can you write the name of the attacks in english? It's a pain in the ass having to scroll down every two lines to see what they mean.
1/11 c19 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
1/11 c19 8PinkiePieParty122894
Great new chapter
1/11 c5 4Tenjo
You’ve lost my interest here. I see no reason for you to have changed the first exam and the way in which you’ve changed it should make the second exam very different to canon... but I don’t think it will be. The riddles and tests are geared towards each person specifically and how they need to grow... that would imply the Konoha ninjas knew every foreign contestant intimately enough to know what they’d need to work on. How does Gaara pass this? Winning a fight isn’t the criteria here, nor is information gathering like in canon, his test would likely be something about bonds and he’d undoubtedly fail that.

The first exam also adds numerous other issues that, though minor in regards to the story are majorly annoying. You mean to tell me they’ve given foreign ninja free reign around Konoha? That’s beyond stupid. You mean to tell me the ANBU thought Sasuke played with the kids out of kindness and not because he realised it was obviously his test? That’s even more stupid. Don’t even get me started on the retarded “you fail” trick... it’s so painfully overused in Naruto that it’s not even remotely creative, smart or funny anymore.
1/11 c19 Zooming Avid Reader
Love the fight scenes.
There's only one critique that I have. Minato being able to teleport to the seal Kushina made. Just because Kushina knows how to create Minato's seal, doesn't mean that he can teleport to it. The chakra in the seal when Minato creates it is what he uses to guide himself to the location to teleport to.
1/11 c19 46Wolvmbm
Now that was a great fight within this chapter. What a way to showcase how the 4th Hokage and his wife were to battle one of the legendary three and live to tell about it.

Nice update all together and I cannot wait to see what happens next in this tale of yours. Keep up the wonderful work on this fantastic tale of family.
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