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3/28 c24 SPark681
Hmm, so the team is closing in on Tsunade hopefully they can convince her to return to Konoha anyways keep up the great work!
3/27 c5 kr0n0s00
is it possible to add karin to Naruto and Hinata's pairing?
3/27 c24 205jboy44
Do you plan to continue this into part two and Boruto or will you call it at Naruto leaving and do a sequel story?
3/27 c24 1buterflypuss
good chap
3/27 c12 1pnoah5381
This is not Naruto that I know Naruto is not a shy coward Naruto doesn’t understand the words give up
3/27 c24 4Monster King
Awesome work I hope you continue the story
3/26 c24 7Spedyalarm
But also... HIATUS?!
3/18 c23 15Leaf Ranger
Well, here's hoping Itachi and Kisame find this visit to Konoha less 'entertaining' as their canon one is. WIht MInato present, I imagine it should be harder for them.

Meanwhile our team is closing in on Tsunade, but she looks ready to bolt now. Guess we'll see if they get to her in time, and before Fu and Torune get new orders.

Good chapter, keep it up.
3/16 c1 YourLocalAnimeGirl
Good job! I hope you will update soon!
3/9 c23 christianvirtudazo07
Feels like Orca's are the kind of summonings that naruto would use.
3/9 c19 christianvirtudazo07
Kurama and Naruto being friends with mutual hatred
3/9 c4 Twilight rasengan
I could never understand why naruto has to go out of his way to explain the mechanic of his jutsu. That kind of info can get people killed by making it easier for an eavesdropper to make a counter to make problems for his clan. For a prankster and orphan, he isn't that street smart.
3/7 c23 4D.Mentor
Another great chapter; thank you for writing.
3/6 c23 48Wolvmbm
Great update on this storyline and great insight on what Jiraiya truly does for the village with his spy network. Nice to give Naruto more options for summoning animals. Great tease to Tsunade. I also wonder what will happen when Itachi meets Minato ? Great tease to the growing bond between Hinata and Ino and nice conformation of the defeat of Orochimaru makes me wonder how will Tsunade and Jiraiya feel about this ?

Keep up the great work on this amazing story as it feels like the next chapter is going to be an interesting one and seeing Tsunade’s reaction to the news of Naruto’s parents being alive and well after so long.
3/6 c23 SPark681
hmm, seems things are getting interesting anyways keep up the great work!
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