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3/4 c23 Guest
Awesome chapter Can't wait to read more So please continue and update again soon as possible please and thanks.
3/3 c23 Guest
Fu had better live, or I will be pissed! Is Itachi aware that Danzo had kept Minato and Kushina alive all this time!?
3/4 c23 4Monster King
Good job I hope you continue the story
3/3 c23 1buterflypuss
good chap
3/3 c23 MaxPrime
Really hoping the romance stays exclusive to Naruto and Hinata. Please don't make it a trouple.
3/3 c23 7Spedyalarm
Tsunade be like:
Also. Great Chapter.
2/22 c5 MrDisplay
I’ve been lovin gthis story so far but this is something I think is kinda necessary to point out, that being that Naruto’s last name should remain Uzumaki. There decendents of the sage of six paths, basically a god to the shinobi people and to there knowledge Naurto is the only one(besides his mom) who can carry the Uzumaki name and continue the clan. The only time I think Nauto’s surname would change is if the Namikaze name was of any importance which really isn’t the case outside of being the surname of a Hokage. Just wanted to say that and I’m looking forward to continuing this story.
2/18 c21 guest
Hope Ino becomes a love interest
2/20 c22 1TheWateringWizard
Very interesting take on the Rasengan and pure chakra/elemental chakra techniques.

What about the Orochimaru soul pieces in the curse seals ? What’s gonna happen with them ? Nonetheless, the fight was superb and Hijiri is gonna be a very tough enemy to fight if and when the Akatsuki come after Naruto. It’s been a while since I read this story so I can’t remember who she is and what’s her background.
2/18 c21 Guest
Is there gonna be romance between Naruto and Ino
2/18 c21 Guest
would like to see the romance with Ino
2/18 c16 1MonCappy
I like how you mixed up the Konoha Crush. I feel like I don't know what is going to happen next.
2/18 c6 MonCappy
Anko isn't wearing revealing clothing at all. What she is wearing under trench coat is an armored mesh designed to protect her vital organs. It's not a fishnet. Not in the slightest and I wish more people realized this.
2/18 c3 MonCappy
On the thing with Narutoverse tech. My head fanon is that Naruto takes place on a sub continent about twice the size of Australia on Earth. In the Pacific Ocean, but somewhat out of phase with the rest of us. Particularly the Harry Potter verse Earth and that the Veil of Death is a gateway to the Elemental Nations (it opens to the ruins of an ancient city in Nations). The tech is imported from the rest of the world Some of it are computers from the 1990's Some tech are the latest shit. It all depends on when it's imported. Each of the Elemental Nations have agents in the Outer Lands who secure tech and supplies from there, as such I have no problem with the Uzumaki family having access to a flat screen.

So far I like what you've done with the story. I also like how you made Naruto's instinctive understanding of fuinjutsu a bloodline.
2/18 c22 15Leaf Ranger
Huh...are you not going to have Orochimaru use his technique he uses in canon to survive? His soul is technically in his various Curse Seals, and it is in fact Anko's that is used to bring him back after Sasuke offs him in canon.

It's one of the annoying things about his character, in my opinion. I'd have preferred him being dead for good, but they didn't keep him dead in canon.

Anyways, excellent fight, and nice explanation on the Rasengan there. Keep it up.
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