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12/20/2014 c2 TheOneYouNeverSaw
I think I have a new BrOTP. This chapter was awesome, you should have heard me freak out when I saw it was updated (my family doesn't even look at me anymore, I do this so much). And Alzack dissecting what happened at the banquet was great! Are you suuuuuuure you didn't leave anything out? :)
12/7/2014 c1 6Sempi
Yes, yes you did. :)

Mira's so cute. (ω)

So Bisca and Alzack ship Gruvia as well? XD
That's wonderful.

And you using Bisca and Alzack is awesome. They're so underrated, they deserve more love. .
11/18/2014 c1 TheOneYouNeverSaw
This is so awesome! I was cracking up, and at the same time squealing, because these are literally my two favorite pairings! Everyone was portrayed perfectly, and I loved how you acknowledged some of the anime effects (such as Alzack' s pouting) without saying anime-style or something like that- not too many do this but I think it makes it funnier! And a crazier Juvia, that's a scary thought! ;) Please update again soon!
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