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4/1/2015 c1 10elegant.malice
Ahaha, nice one Sasaki. So getting turned into a Dove finally got you the guts to flirt with Touka? Nice bit about Touka thinking of trying poison their food - only to have the thoughts flee when she catches sight of Sasaki.

great writing style and nicely done!
12/2/2014 c1 54purpleswans
11/30/2014 c1 7VKLOREO23
Ahh this made me squeel even tho I still hate how the recent chapters have been cause I don't like that haise is maybe kaneki becuz I'm dreading the day where he really meets everyone its already happened with nishiki but I love this so if you could please continue
11/30/2014 c1 72oceanole
there are a few grammar mistakes here and there (well im not one to talk xD), but keep going! its cute and interesting! maybe if you add some more humor it'll be more wonderful? :3
11/13/2014 c1 1Akabari
daaaammnn sasaki/kaneki is one smooth BAMF. I hope there'll be a continuation... XD
11/12/2014 c1 7miss strawberry
Oh god, this is not a one-shot? I really hope is not, because I want to know what will happen next, so far I love it :3

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