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for A Simple Mission

3/26 c35 katrupp03
Can’t wait to see the next chapter for my birthday! Maybe some romantic moments with Cheetor and Vixtrion!
1/6 c35 19dracohalo117
I cannot get over how good this story is, you take the original story and expand upon it in a way that makes it so much more.
12/20/2022 c20 silverhawk88
You know, you seem to know a lot about beast war lore. Do you know why The Vok made Earth a testing ground?
12/10/2022 c31 Calvin
Jillian Michaels/Aidan Drummond as Specter
11/5/2022 c2 LordSoundwave
I still love this story and I'm looking forward to seeing it be complete one day
9/8/2022 c35 TheRedComet01
Amazing story!
8/25/2022 c35 8Dark Pheonix Paladin X
I just binge read this entire masterpiece for the last couple of days, maybe week. Worth it! I love you're original characters and how the others seem to naturally interact with them. I have to say my favorite is Nightwing, reminds me of G1's Nightbird but with an actual personality well at least the predacon half, I do feel bad for the maximal half though. You are doing great with Suaria and Rattrap's growth as characters and their relationship. And Terrok is incredible, I swear they miss a golden opportunity not doing that in cannon.
8/21/2022 c35 Wolf
Hello there Ranger I have just read all thirty five chapters and must say that this is a interesting version of Beast Wars as I never got to watch it but seen the videos on YouTube so I can’t wait for more so till next time see you around and keep up the good work.
8/12/2022 c35 Guest
When’s the next chapter?
7/6/2022 c35 10JasonVUK
Yay! Checking in with the crew!

Poor Rattrap though. Once Sauria figures out her feelings, major femdom bdsm events are in Raptrap's future. :v

And oooooohh Vixitron has a CRUSH! X3
7/3/2022 c35 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
7/3/2022 c35 1Dragon Bone Z
How does Cybertronian have sex?
7/2/2022 c35 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Poor Nightwing. Stuck with an evil twin program in her body. It doesn't deserve to live. It may claim that purging it makes Nightwing no better, but the difference between Maximals and Predacons is the Maximals try to coexist with Predacons while Predacons do not. They don't try with this program because it's just a program. It's not a true Predacon. Just a hollow program with basics of Nightwing in it and the coding making it an evil piece of scrap.
3/29/2022 c34 katrupp03
I wish you’ll post a Cheetor and Vixtrion moment on the next chapter. After all, tomorrow’s my birthday!
1/28/2022 c34 silverhawk88
That was just a phenomenal chapter to read. I got emotional reading her battle with the preds. Then for ratrap to save her in the end, just wow!
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