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for Eddy Brown and the Titan's Blade

12/4/2014 c17 Vilrond
Any update coming up here? I kinda like this Eddy Brown story and would really like for you to finish it.
11/19/2014 c12 Matt
I LOVE how the two main characters live in Pittsburgh, since I live there too!
11/19/2014 c12 26Kifo Entiegon
Arion is actually the son of Poseidon, not Zeus.
11/19/2014 c10 1primo1
I love your story and really hope you keep it going! You're quite the talented writer and capture Rick Riordan's style in all the chapters. Also, I can't wait to find out why Percy and friends haven't appeared in the story yet. I'd hope you'll provide more backstory for Jacen, similar to how Riordan gives backstory for Frank/Leo in HoO, since they all seem to have family/home trauma. And I think Krios, or more precisely, Krios's offspring, is feeling a little left out in your story haha ;) But anyway, keep up the fantastic work and don't let anyone give you crap because the only opinion that really matters is your own.
11/19/2014 c10 Matt
I'm betting Percy and his pals are either normal people who can see through the Mist or were brought to Eddy's dimension to help.
11/19/2014 c7 Matt
Who is Paul's dad/mom? I don't remember if it was revealed already or not.
11/19/2014 c10 Kifo Entiegon
Why do I get the feeling that Paul is turning out to be like Luke? Also, why do you use capitals for both emphasis and shouting? if you're not sure on how to differentiate between the two, try using italics for emphasis instead of capitals. But great story nonetheless. I'm really into it.
11/18/2014 c6 Matt
So are you going to have Eddy be paired with Christine or like Paul?(I mean Paul did blush when we was complemented by Eddy.)
11/18/2014 c5 Matt
How about Percy and his pals appear in about 5 or 7 chapters?
11/16/2014 c4 Matt
Did you forget the tiny and unimportant fact that Kronos is EVIL!? I mean he tried to kill Percy, revive Gaia, and lots more evil stuff! Yet I like the idea of demi-titans, so keep on doing the story. P.S. In the next chapter maybe you could tell why Kronos is being nice. Also are Percy and his pals going to appear in this story?

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