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9/26/2020 c3 Guest
Yikes! a fearling giant ahhh! . Not good.
6/17/2020 c4 CWY reader
I found A Home For Fear a few weeks ago and now I have found this. Both stories are absolutely amazing.
I hope you will update this someday.
2/21/2019 c4 8Zer0.main
So I'm on a RotG kick and I happened across this story - I absolutely love it! I'm adoring the dynamic between Jack and Pitch - and semi-redeemed!Pitch is my new favorite character trope for him, I think. I love your writing style when it comes to this, and I know that it hasn't been updated in almost three and a half years but if you decide to come back to it, I'd be ecstatic to read more!
3/9/2018 c4 r3nlock
Oh the chaos pitch can create in the past! This is adorable and I love how frustrated pitch is when jack can’t do stuff yet and the irony of pitch doing to sable what jack did for pitch. I know you haven’t updated in a while but thanks for posting this!
1/15/2018 c1 11Yellowmiki98
Ugh please continue I want more interactions between sable and pitch
6/20/2017 c4 Guest
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! This is beautiful!
4/17/2017 c4 23MugetsuPipefox
Jumped over here after reading the first two chapters in A Home for Fear and man this is kinda funny? XD Like I'm thoroughly enjoying myself here. Pitch would TOTALLY argue with himself and Jack would totally be thoroughly bemused. I love it XD
12/19/2016 c4 Guest
Oh god please more! I need more I love Jack and Pitch together!
11/3/2016 c4 29YokaiAngel
10/13/2016 c4 Guest
Hey are you still going to update if you are please do thank you
7/1/2016 c4 Nska Tskuna
I greatly enjoyed it, and hope you will make more. You will, right!? Right!? Meeoooooowrrrrrr!?
1/24/2016 c4 Guest
are you planning to continue this? bc I love it way too much
1/21/2016 c3 Jay
when jack put that handful of snow down pitch's neck i almost lost it- it was adorable xD
12/4/2015 c4 Dav009
Fun story can't wait for more
11/21/2015 c1 Abby Russell
Lol ignore that comment it was for a different story lol
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