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8/2 c53 NotThatNicole
Well worth the wait! And a good long chapter to boot! Please keep going...I've got to see how all this Goren and Eames turmoil gets resolved.
7/10 c53 Jules
7/9 c53 5Poetfades2black
Oh hey, you're back. I was wondering where this story would go. Things kind of felt final with Goren's revelations to Eames but I'm glad we get to see a bit of the aftermath and the catalyst for helping them heal and "start over." You write brilliantly, great insights and narrative. THANKS for continuing this train wreck of a relationship story. Lol
7/9 c53 Guest
Thank you
7/9 c53 6T.S. Hemings
Tbh, I was nervous about this chapter, mainly bc of Bobby’s scorched earth plan and aftermath, which were so devastating. However, you’re such a good writer that you’ve managed to weave and pull me along. This was devastating in its own way but incredibly compelling, as always. Thank you.
7/8 c53 spacekitten2700
oh boy
4/24 c2 Guest
‘‘Tis is so terrible! How could you reduce Alex and Bobby to this? These aren’t the characters we all fell in live with.
10/12/2019 c52 FranQuel
Eu me sinto uma porcaria depois de ler isso. Tanto que até parece engraçado. Isso é tão sujo, que me enoja. Sério. Mas você é uma boa escritora, só não vejo isso saudável.
2/11/2019 c1 Guest
Please redeem these people!
11/28/2018 c52 NotThatNicole
This is why I love this story. You do follow canon to the letter, but you have the courage to go beyond that and dig deep into the characters' psyches. You also know how to tap into the emotions that are often limited in the canon episode. You push the characters past that canon boundary and aren't afraid to get them to reveal their darker sides. There's also so many humorous elements in this, little lines or observances that make me snicker because it sounds so Goren and Eames.

Plus, you're a d*mn good storyteller, no doubt about it. You don't do bland, emotionless stories. Some of your chapters make me gasp out loud. Others have made me cry. Others have made me angry and I want to slap Goren and Eames for what they're doing to each other. Not a lot of stories or writers can spark that kind of feeling in me.

My point is, I love this. Please keep writing it.
11/25/2018 c52 3girlville
Thanks for the reviews and encouragement. Slight correction this story IS canon. To the letter. It simply requires a perspective shift. I can’t understand why people read fanfiction if the author doesn’t add value. That’s why I include script, to anchor my extrapolation.

Wendy, I’ll accept your condescension about “what I’m trying to do” with this fic “that confounds” you, since you ate a big heaping pile of crow and admitted that you couldn’t resist reading.
11/21/2018 c52 Guest
I'm addicted to this story. You are one heckuva good writer. Do I agree with how Bobby and Alex are acting? No. But you've put them into a situation that is difficult new ground for them and they're struggling to cope. It may not be canon with the show but it really feels like a slice of real life, shocking as that is. Please keep writing. I need my fix, LOL.
11/20/2018 c52 20WendyCR72
Yes, I know what I said last chapter. But I fully admit I'm weak. As I said many times, you *are* a great writer, even if this story confounds me. So, of course, I had to read the chapter.

And...it was brutal. But, this time, I got what you were trying to do. Even if it was still a gut puncher. So...yay? LOL!

In any case, knowing this story, I'm still not quite certain any of these characters have reached their true nadir yet. Not with Season 7 still to come. Hell, Season 6 was no picnic, either. So...this is a bumpy, pothole-filled journey, but I'm still here, even if I may hate myself in the end. ;-)
11/19/2018 c52 Lrod815
Wow! That was an awesome chapter! Everyone has hit rock bottom... well for now anyway. But that's life and you capture it very well. I've rewatched season 5 these past few weeks and your story is definitly a believable alternate version that mirrors the stories shown on the show. You're a master storyteller! Thank you for sharing!
11/18/2018 c52 leftyred
Thank you for the update!
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