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for Guelder: Of Winter and Roses

2/29/2020 c4 Tsuki
Please update TvT
3/28/2018 c4 Tsuki
Good fic you have here
Please update
I like no-love your fic
Please, I know...it is already 3 years since your last update, but I hope when you read this review ...you can update again.
3/24/2017 c4 NyxMidnight1999
Continue Please! I NEED this!
8/7/2015 c4 SilverLilac5
It's sooooooooo good please continue!
1/22/2015 c2 19Mr.SoujiSeta
Please continue this story. I'm very curious!
12/16/2014 c1 Enigma of Anime
ahhhhh! Please update soooon! What happened to toshiro? Did he kill someone? It'll be awesome if he did!
11/18/2014 c1 Guest
I love your characterisation of the Black Hawks here! It's far too easy to view them as villains, but the reality is never so black and white.

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