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12/12/2023 c30 Golden Wind God
what a fic bro please update
9/6/2023 c4 1Redical Gaming
it's a good premise, but at least for me, you focus too much on sexualising everything. All of the girls go after Harry just because of his body and it makes all of them look brainless and it adds nothing to the story. Most of you female characters are in some situation where they are going to be raped, you use the consent of rape wayyyy to often, you can show how cruel the death eaters are without rape being brought up every chapter, it overdone and seems trashy, almost like you couldn't find any other crimes.
7/27/2023 c27 1Sankarea396
OMFGGG YASSS TRACY! THIS IS THE VERBAL BEAT DOWN I WAS WAITIN FOR! I officially retract my statement about hating you! Gods Daphne's such a fukin bchhh like ghorl you're one of his closest friends and she hasn't picked up on that fact?! Fleur has a valid excuse only knowing him from the start of the tournament add to that she is his fiance so no matter what Daphne does Fleur will always be the first Harry prioritizes in terms of romance cause its the logical thing for him to do even if he still does not get it
7/27/2023 c11 Sankarea396
Has nobody asked if Harry's Asexual? I mean l know he lived out in the wild for 6 years but really? it stunted his humanity that far? Even fukin Tarzan found love under a year after meeting jane and he's lived in a gods damn jungle all his life! Even if he was away that many years puberty and hormones should have kicked him in the face! Im giving the benefit of a doubt due to his unusual circumstances but honestly I would love for him to be asexual cause I literally hate all his 'sisters' except may Astoria? and him being one is a smack to their faces! Gods they're using their close relationship to him to manipulating the outcome of his love life! If someone I consider a friend or at least someone important is that clueless I would at least help the guy out cause in Harry's situation it's becoming such a burden that he needed to search up what to do and why it's happening! Becoming asexual would leave him with fleur and fleur only and that's a good thing cause honestly Fleur can make a gay guys go straight and straight girls go gay... also Fleur's the only one currently not actively gatekeeping him and the people he calls his 'sisters' are indirectly making his life miserable gods this is not Alabama!
6/30/2023 c12 Guest
I can't stand your writing style unfortunately, it's all over the place
4/24/2023 c30 2Karou WindStalker
I wish this story had continued. _
4/7/2023 c3 wish-i-was-alice-16
So the staff or at least Madam Pomfrey knows about the string of sexual assault that happens every year in Slytherin and they ... do nothing?
3/20/2023 c30 Mark Sinfield
wis you had carried on with this as like the storyline
3/11/2023 c8 JeanPaulVS
Ahora, pueden explicar como Harry se fue hasta Francia para salvar a todos esos estudiantes? También, como sabia que eso estaba pasando?
3/11/2023 c6 JeanPaulVS
Corta mucho las escenas. Aunque me gusta un poco la trama tengo que decir que todo es muy confuso. Ese estilo de escritura mata lo que podría ser una buena historia. Espero mejore o siga interesante de leer pues ya me esta dando ganas de dejar de leer.
3/10/2023 c3 JeanPaulVS
Demasiado rápido creo que se debe por que aun es el prologo. Pero no explica bien los detalles de su vida.

Ahora, Hermione sigue con los dos idiotas? Por que después de tratarla mal aun asi sigue con ellos? Masoquista quizás?
2/6/2023 c1 Arcane Warhammer
So the summery HP is essentially a wolf, a very merciful(?) beta wolf to be precise (but as of middle of tournament he haven't forgive his family. BTW he is the uber neglected elder brother of boy who lived after age 5-6 he fled to wilderness remain there for very long time then adopted by the Greengrasses), he is also gracious enough to be cuckolded by betrothed by roger and yula ball partner some puff girl name Jean by some nameless Durmstrang guy snogging in front of all school, Dephne by Theo Nott list goes on. Romantically thick as some isakie protagonist. All the girls in his life is "friends" even his betrothed veela. He could care less how they have another dance partners got groped or anything. He also forgive FD (betrothed) for mega backstabbing him in the 1st task not telling him about dragons and then proceed to bind him with other champions at the start of obstacle course.
Zero ego, pride or any other combative masculine trait except for his body.
Does this sound like a wolf hell any kind of predatory animal to you?
He is shapeshifter primary, preferred, changeable forms are sabertooth, wolf, predatory bird.
Feral? Nope. Primal? Nope. Possessive? Hell no.
1/2/2023 c7 Torhelm
This whole completely ignorant about women thing is retarded. He's supposedly a wolf animagus and sabertooth tiger animagus that inherits their traits, yet has never popped a boner depsite being 14-15 already. This is just ridiculous dude.
12/22/2022 c30 atpoush
This series is one of the best I've ever read.
8/19/2022 c12 2Slowest Turtle
The denseness is just painful. Can't read a second more.
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