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for The Fairy Grojparents (A Fairly OddParents Parody)

6/3/2019 c2 Guest
I wrote that first review without reading. Take this down or I will have your family arrested. You will go to a children's home in a BAD part of New York, no matter what country you are from. I see you addicted to crack and your teeth going WEIRD!
6/3/2019 c2 Guest
Oh I just remembered how much I detest FairlyOdd Parents! Yuk.
6/3/2019 c1 Guest
You support GB and you lampoon FairlyOdd Parents. Excellent. I see bright things for you in this Imperium. Realism now Trina is a cosmic being and a mutant. Vicky is a Cameron and a Primarch. They could host easily spot said FAIRY GOD PARENTS! FAIRIES! I will never get tired if doing that.
11/2/2017 c1 Guest
But Fiaries would like her. Mystical beings stick together when they can
7/25/2017 c8 62StarHeart Specials
I'm glad you decided to finish your first story, even though you decided not to write any of the other actual episodes. But still, it's great to see you finish what you started. Maybe one day you could write one of the movies? I know you told me you weren't interested in Fairly OddParents as much as you were before, but maybe one day you can still write the movies.

4/16/2015 c1 4Corey Riffin
This is an awesome story idea! Love it
3/9/2015 c6 Frita Fazbear
I'll tell your story Jim don't worry *wipes imaginary tear*
3/3/2015 c6 Guest
Awsome keep it up plz️️️
12/13/2014 c5 Guest
Make more chapter if u got a chance :)
12/7/2014 c1 Guest
OMG! I luv both the Fairly Odd Parents and Grojband! Best story ever!
12/3/2014 c5 Grojband's Rock
Well you know since tootie has a sister in the cartoon you could have put Mina or Carrie as laneys sister
12/2/2014 c4 Madison Wooten
Liking it, liking it
11/30/2014 c3 Guest
How will it work if Vicky has a younger sister in the cartoon if Trina is Corey's sister
12/2/2014 c4 Ninjagirlcat27
Wow I really love this story and can't wait for the next chaperter. Just pleeeeeseee bring in Laney as soon as possible Thanks, Ninjagirlcat27.
12/2/2014 c4 1Fabulous-Lavigne
Awesome as usual, btw I hope laney's in chapter 5
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