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for Datura: Fight For Control

2/24/2015 c3 seriousarmour
Really love this story. It really sets itself apart please keep writing
12/15/2014 c3 Guest
wow a lot of emotions was shown especially the team shown concerned for both of the bat-protégée's.
*** just a thought*** i thought jason already met dick as well as datura?
i can't wait for megan to build up more confidence to finding how to save babs. i also can't wait for dick to realizes he is hurting and finally admitting his feelings for babs. i think that is why feels the need to try much harder to have her back.
12/14/2014 c3 1RedWingNight
Quickish review- I'm sure if I was reading this all the way through, I wouldn't have totally forgot about Red Hood appearing earlier. Honestly, it feels a bit distracting from the main story, just because I don't know enough about Hood's and Dick's relationship exactly. But, I liked the older brother moment with Tim in this chapter, that was great.
A. Points for sibling relationships, but I've seen the 'being spurned over replacement' before... Not that I wouldn't mind seeing your spin on it.
B. See the next response...
C. In New 52 world he has his own team with Starfire and Roy Harper. So, maybe going in that direction?
D. Wouldn't mind that.
E. I've liked the Tim stuff so far... And is Damian around? or even Bat-Cow? Just throwing random stuff out there don't mind me...
2) As you said, why the hell not?
11/25/2014 c2 RedWingNight
Great work! Arkham Asylum though? Makes me think Batman has something up his sleeve. Hopefully Grayson cheers up soon that last part Was emotional.
11/25/2014 c2 5jdcocoagirl
nice. i feel Dick is getting more and more emotional and he felt that this is fault moreso than before. It seems wally is being a good sound board as well as the one opening the pandora's box. more soon.
11/18/2014 c1 jdcocoagirl
wow i could see Dick staying in Babs place and pretending waiting on her. And it seems he is oblivious about his feelings that everyone else notices. more soon
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