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for Team Charm Freaks Out

7/23/2017 c1 chef
10/10 would jerk off again
2/15/2016 c1 9HyperCLM
Ash and Jasmine forever. 3
7/13/2015 c1 21grovyleTheGreat
oh my gosh yes! the ultimate shipping troll!
11/30/2014 c1 Guest
Wait.. Dunsparce you support Ash x Serena?!
Dunsparce: Y-yes... please don't hurt me!
You kidding? I SUPPORT THEM! Childhoodshipping for life!
Dunsparce: Really?
well duh... I mean One: They are childhood friends. Two: She got a crush and Three: The Japanese title.
Dunsparce: Wow, so why do you support them and not the others?
Misty: Ash was too oblivious about love then.
May: May, has the wrong rhythm for Ash and I don't see her in a sticky situation with Ash
Dawn: Last time I checked, she weren't blushing near ash
Iris: She called him a kid!
11/19/2014 c1 9The False Actuality
No, no, no you have it all wrong! I would have done everything that Team charm did and ate ice cream like Emolga! UGHHHH I would have seriously thrown my tv out the window of that happened.
11/19/2014 c1 9Multikirby

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