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for The Young God

8/1 c6 Guest
Plz update
7/29 c6 Blue31
This is a good story. I hope you continue writing the story one day.
6/3 c1 Ark Singh
Bro plzz update the fan fiction plzzzz make a new chapter I am waiting for dame time and plzz add this parrings naruto x Artemis x athena x hestia plzzz
6/3 c1 Guest
Bro update this fan fiction plzzzz
4/26 c6 meryfcuckery
update bruh
4/6 c6 Goddessofhumanity
This is a really good story! I love how Naruto and the gods interacted and I love the personalities you give them. It was a brilliant read.
4/4 c3 6Dre17
I absolutely love your story. I heard the end and I was like oh God no. I have to wait for more chapters but thankfully there's like six so yea
3/22 c6 7Multi fandom geekerello
This is an absolutely beautiful story and I hope hope hope it continues
3/21 c1 Sony
Please continue with the story.
3/13 c6 JaunetheRNJR
Read through this story after I realized you started writing more. This is a great story and you have captured that even if Naruto's family is better there are still fractures in it. You have also done a good job of keeping the charecters in line if maybe a bit more kind(in the gods case.) I hope that you continue this at some point as I am looking forward to see how you treat canon with the changes so far.
3/9 c6 2oujiswan
11/25/2022 c6 Guest
Can you make more installments
11/14/2022 c1 Alex9876
Hope you continue with the story like a lot
10/26/2022 c6 Guest
Please continue the story
9/30/2022 c6 Lucas.N.Q06
Gran capítulo,espero el siguiente capítulo cn muchas ansias...
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