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for Love or Law?

6/26 c50 Fan girl 39
Omg it’s like I’m in a rom-con! Are you serious here?
6/26 c46 Fan girl 39
Peijing. I have two words for you. Back. Off.
6/26 c45 Fan girl 39
To thier own devices? That sounds naughty.
6/26 c41 Fan girl 39
Extremely fluffy although I would perfer less fluff and more sex. *smirk*
6/25 c37 Fan girl 39
Oh here you go kachann. Take all my sour cream and oioin chips! You deserve them! (You said to imagine a puppy dog?)
6/25 c36 Fan girl 39
6/25 c33 Fan girl 39
A travel destination? Traverse city. As long as you don’t tandem bike around this island. *shudders* I never want to do that again.
6/24 c23 Fan girl 39
Gosh so amazing *heart eyes*
6/24 c20 Fan girl 39
So fluffy!
4/20 c52 64Lou-La-Bell-0106
no! please, amazing author! I'm begging you for an update!
4/4 c52 1Mulan obsessed donkey
Extras, you say?
In my very humble opinion, I think you should write about their wedding day, their children, maybe small one-shots of their life together. I think it would be very cute.
11/3/2022 c52 my-secret-garden
awww! Really looking forward to these little extras! Great idea!
11/3/2022 c51 my-secret-garden
Once again, so many great things in this chapter, from Shang showing Mulan his family shrine, to Mulan's joy upon finally seeing her home-town again only for joy to turn into dread of how to explain herself to her father, and Shang reminding her of her courage and worth. (sorry, they are so adorable!). The scene in the movie when she meets her father again has to be one of my fav scenes ever, I always tear up (as well as the decision-scene early on).
So, this is it then, here we are. May I just say that it is remarkable how you managed to hold on for so long? You started this story late 2014 (I think I started to follow it early 2016) and here we are 2022, judging by the events in the world a whole different lifetime later, and yet you held on and did it. Sorry, this is a badly put together praise, but what you did is simply incredible. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! No amount of thanks will ever be enough to show how much your dedication has touched us all!
Honour to you, honour to your family and honour to your cow! XD

In love,
a big fan of yours
11/3/2022 c50 my-secret-garden
omg, omg, omg, this chapter was incredible! Don't know where to start! Both Mulan and Shang are such a sweet couple, they feel so genuine and honest and sweet, there is a certain chaste tenderness to them, it feels very welcome to see. (Im sure there are certain writers out there who would write with a different emphasis, but I prefer your style, it has more charm). One could really feel Mulan's disappointment upon realising she'll spend a whole winter before being with her family again, but its great she found a kindred spirit in Daiyu. The story you gave Shangs parents was incredible. As a big history nerd I admire how well you managed to combine the modern-day American Disney version of the story with actual social-historic facts, I mean, sure, Im glad to live in the 21st century etc, but we would be wrong to assume people back then (eg. 6th century) lived only in fear and pain- arranged marriages did not always mean unhappiness and your example, while fictional of course, is a beautiful outcome. Also, your mention of how Daiyu decided to stay even though she had been offered the first taste of actual freedom really reminded me of a quote from Barbie and the Pauper movie where they say at the end something like "Sometimes being free means having the freedom to go, but the courage to stay." idk, always liked that quote.
10/31/2022 c49 my-secret-garden
omg, we met Shang mother! And she was great, instantly going back to the three most important relationship topics: politics, religion and family planning XD No, but seriously, it was great that we were able to meet her.
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