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9/13/2019 c11 Kamijou Takako
Okay... I normally don't do this... But I really wanted to see who Erin ended up with because I'm rooting for Lysander so I skipped ahead to quickly scan through the epilogue...

Either way, other than my ship being endgame... I'm just mumbling to myself... Who dead? At the word funeral...

This is my punishment for skipping ahead when you have only read 9 chapters so far... Anyways I always seem to enjoy the differences between all your OCs from your different fics...

Well, I'm going back to reading to find out which character you killed off...
9/15/2015 c66 Guest
An amazing story, loved it!
4/24/2015 c33 1Cathiee
Oh my god! My birthday is the 15th of Jan too!
4/17/2015 c46 LyraEllington
Watch it be like twins xDD
4/17/2015 c41 LyraEllington
Oh dear indeed.
4/17/2015 c36 LyraEllington
"For the most part." lol
4/17/2015 c30 LyraEllington
This is so cute, it will give me diabetes.
4/17/2015 c25 LyraEllington
Aww, poor NatNat /3 q.q
Though LysRin is my jam xDDD
4/17/2015 c18 LyraEllington
Sexual, omg, this made my day xDD
4/17/2015 c7 LyraEllington
Oh, looks like Lysander is jealous. xDDD That's so cute
4/3/2015 c29 LonelyWolf77
OMG! I'm literally laughing my head off right now! I couldn't stop laughing at Castiel getting annoyed with Sesame Street! Gosh, I love him
3/26/2015 c66 5Blossoming Rose18
Super cool story. Wish you would have described Zander though. Can't wait for more!
3/12/2015 c52 1ChelseaR69
"She put the burger down with a bit of hesitance..."

Omigosh, the perfect excerpt for this story. TAKE A BOW!
1/18/2015 c66 1XRroxanneX
That was amazing! Thank you for letting us see some of the deleted scenes:)
Hope you make more fanfictions 3
1/13/2015 c66 starrat
I like it
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