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11/21/2021 c30 Joe mama
6/24/2021 c30 Anonymous204
I beg you. PLEASE don't let this story die. I've seen so many good fanfictions being abandoned. However, this one is SO GOOD. I've reread it five times! The characters and writing are so good! And even if you don't update, at least tell us when you will! Whatever you do, please don't abandon this story, because it's gold!
6/20/2021 c30 PkmntrainerAJ
6/20/2021 c27 PkmntrainerAJ
Please update this story I love it so much, by far my fav fanfic
6/5/2021 c30 Young Kakapo
I really like this fan fiction, I hope you come back to continue updating it whenever you can cause it’s a shame to see it’s hasn’t been updated in a long time, especially with how good of a storyline you have going.
4/3/2021 c30 Guest
I just found this story 2 days ago and I love the story! Take your time writing the next chapter I know I'll love it too!
2/24/2021 c30 3Commando2341
Rereading this fic never gets old, what a spectacular piece of writing.
11/25/2020 c24 1xxsapphireheartxx
I liked Wanda’s concern for Riley, and May lying to her because Wanda’s panicking May’s panicking May doesn’t want to make it worse by verbalizing her injury. And ofc the adorable shippy moment when Brendan helps May stand up! Though this chapter makes me frustrated for both our protagonists—May for being reckless, again and dragging Brendan into another incident, and Brendan for being too wound up to concede credit for May trying to save people and coming out of dicey situations intact despite the danger. I was sorta hoping that Orion would charge into danger with May, leaving Brendan behind to freak out over the prospect that Orion might get hurt/killed because of May…it would be interesting to see them argue about that o.O

Luckily, Brendan’s anger blew over relatively fast judging by the pizza peace offering, so I think he might already be coming to terms with the fact that May is going to risk herself if that’s what it takes to save people. I’m not sure what May’s going to do about her recklessness, since the ORAS plot doesn’t quite lend itself to a protagonist who learns to be more careful…one of my favorite features about May’s confrontation against the hitman in Mauville was her fear for her pokémon’s lives, so I greatly hope she won’t be curbed the way Brendan was…ok on second thought I would be mad but oh man THE FEELS if that happens, it might be worth it…I’m still fervently hoping that it doesn’t though! Maybe once she feels more confident and less like she has something to prove, she’ll find a way to tone it down.

One last thing, Wally addressing his letter to “May (and Brendan, since I know you’ll show him)” was excellent. Aww!
11/24/2020 c1 Noddy
What's here so far is really good quality. I'll check back occasionally but I've read the whole thing in an afternoon, will be good to come back and read my favorite parts. You have a talent for writing natural character dialogue. Wish you luck with what you do
11/24/2020 c23 xxsapphireheartxx
Lol boy has May got Brendan’s number—“nothing could change his mood like getting on his nerves” absolutely. Icing on the cake was that she was so busy brooding about her encounter that she didn’t even notice the obvious town ahead of them! I love her so much :heart: OH also Brendan’s paranoia that she’ll take a bad photo of him…doesn’t he realize that’s only encouragement? XD And his reluctance to strike up conversation with anyone they don’t have to (vis à vis the old lady selling the vase) hit home, I’m the same way…

Omg the “I only accept dedicated fans, you’ve gotta cheer louder than Brendan” joke is one of my favorite jokes in the whole fic. I’m not sure that it’s like THE favorite, but it’s definitely in the top five jokes in this fic that made me laugh the hardest. Wally gullibly believing her (or being too awkward to call out the joke) and Brendan shooting her a daggers look…lmao. Bonus laughs for Soren piling on whenever May makes Brendan looks bad!

I like how May tried to deny that she’s scared of bugs, and Brendan totally crushed her effort to save face. Oof. Also, the first time I read TtS, I think her line that she had just been so helpless as the scolipede crushed her was the first time I consciously picked up on the fear of helplessness that underlies her fear of bugs. It comes up a few times (May going to Route 101 to prove she’s not helpless even if she’s not a trainer, and in Granite Cave her flashback to feeling helplessly crushed, are the two instances that come to mind) but this line was the first time I pinpointed it. Obviously, it made me love May even more, and it makes her actions to help Ronald and Captain Stern more poignant than straightforward heroism. I’m looking forward to Brendan figuring out that bugs aren’t the whole of the problem.

May’s self-consciousness when she sees that Wanda is dressed up was another cute moment, followed, of course, by Brendan rubbing his eyes like he wasn’t sure who he was seeing when May throws her belt at him! May sure is oblivious sometimes lol. I loved the way Brendan happened to notice May’s distress and fell in step with her to help her lighten up by making fun of Soren. “I’m sure he’d rather hear it from you” indeed. Also, May’s embarrassment to be seen with Brendan in such a couple-y atmosphere—ha!

This should be no surprise, but ofc the cutest moment of the chapter is of course when Brendan sends Orion to sit by May :heart:
11/23/2020 c22 xxsapphireheartxx
I love team shenanigans :heart: It was so funny when Gunner gave Soren a little zap and Soren acted like he’d been fried by Raikou! Also, May giving them a talking-to was cute, and hella relatable when she was like on the inside *gulp* …I hope I don’t have to figure out what the punishment IS. Also lol, Gunner’s a flirt! Demi’s glee and Soren’s disgust were adorable.

Welp, so much for sharing her cookies with Brendan. After going through that, May deserves to keep the rest for herself and Gunner. The way she couldn’t bring herself to look at the thug once Gunner had shocked him, terrified that there was a dead body at her feet, was a fantastic detail.

At first, like May, I was surprised that Brendan didn’t want to tell their parents what was going on…and then I was like oh, that makes sense, but not for the reason Brendan gives. Because yeah, he made a good point, but I suspect his driving motivation is that he’s ashamed of being so incapable of protecting May thanks to his trauma, so he doesn’t want to explicitly admit he can’t protect her…and he doesn’t want to return to a life of moping around Littleroot. The grouch is having too much fun to go back. So if that’s the case, it’ll be interesting to see Brendan struggle with his excuse-making.
11/23/2020 c21 xxsapphireheartxx
Ok, favorite line of the chapter: Wally couldn’t comprehend seeing May without Brendan following grouchily behind her. Brendan’s antisocial tendencies never fail to amuse me, and May’s dismissal of them by cheerily inviting Wally and his uncle to cram in at the table had me sniggering. I also loved Brendan telling May that he’s going to leave if she uses electric attacks—lol, Gunner!

It was striking that May didn’t want to be the one to beat Wally. That was really relatable, I felt a lot of sympathy for both of them. I also liked that Wally came off as such an amateur, since it’s true, and it highlighted how far May has come. Gunner’s doubt and the way he was willing to trust May’s strategy was heartwarming.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT! I freaking love all of May and Lisia's interactions…like, Lisia getting pizza with May, teasing her about Brendan, "ohmygosh, ohmygosh, she better not say anything to Brendan…" — AWWWW.
11/23/2020 c20 xxsapphireheartxx
Cute shenanigans! I love this chapter. Gunner and Lisia make fantastic debuts, and I’m not sure whom I like more! Gunner’s gutsiness and the way he taunted Orion by sitting, eating, and licking his chops were hilarious. I have a feeling he won’t mind at all if Soren and Orion did form an alliance against him…he’s like, bring it on! And Lisia is an instant fave, what with the smeared makeup and her struggle to reach Mauville and her mixture of being socially adept, breaking up the May/Brendan bickering and covering up her “chat” with May without missing a beat, to being tactless pointing out that wurmple are tiny.

I liked May’s insecurity compared to how pretty Lisia is and her internal groan that she feels like a boy; I liked her indignant line that it wasn’t like she was an expert at comforting people even more. But my favorite line has to be Brendan tugging his beanie over his ears and squashing his face into pained expressions as Lisia brings up girly subjects—lol!
8/26/2020 c30 Guest
yo! i hope ur doing okay and that ur doing well during quarantine,, i love this story and have loved it for a very long time lolol and i hope you stay well!
8/22/2020 c30 Guest
Is this story discontinued or something?
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