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for The Disappearance of Yusuke Urameshi

11/14/2015 c2 Guest
So is this actually still ongoing, it has been about a year since the last update? It's looking to be interesting so far and knowing your previous works I have high hopes.
1/11/2015 c2 Lady-Nevermore 13
This is amazing and very well written!

There aren't a lot of yyh fanfics that focus on Kuruoko Sanada, so I'm def. looking forward toward seeing how this one turns out. I'm even more excited to see what type of spirit-energy attacks Kuruko can do as well; makes me wonder what kind of training regiment Genkai made her go through back in the day during her early years as spirit detective, as well as if she ended up learning similar types of spirit-energy techniques from Genkai that Yusuke also knows how to use, such as the spirit-shotgun or spirit wave ... Or maybe Kuroko ended up coming up with her own special type of spirit-energy attacks, which would be cool too! I just LOVE Kuroko, and have always been interested to know what her story/background was on being the human world's very first Spirit-Detective and all that jazz, so I find this fanfic very exciting/awesome! :)

Anyways enough of my rambling/fangirling, Can't wait for the next chapter! Cheers! :D
12/26/2014 c2 Retired Kitkat
Definitely have to keep my eyes open for this one. It's very nice that you've put Mitarai in this story. I'm truly looking forward to more, but I have to ask something before I become attached to the fic: is Kuwabara going to be important in the fic? I mean he won't be just a stress reliever, a sidekick as everyone likes to make him, isn't it? Just FYI he is my favourite character and I usually don't read stories where he isn't at least respected as a valuable character, but I'm not making demands, ok? It's just that, well, I'd like to have a shout out beforehand if that was the case, eventhough I doubt you'd make such a thing since you give the spotlight to minor characters, I'm sure this will be a great story to read.
12/4/2014 c2 10Digitaldestiny360
so now on top of an awesome dbz fanfic, you're also writing a yuyu hakusho one? my two original favorite animes by the same author? sounds great!. though i still hope yusuke and the rest of the team still have some impact on the plot of the story and dont just stay kidnapped the whole time
11/29/2014 c2 5warriorofdark
First fight was good. If your fights in bttl are really good i cant wait for the more epic fights here.
11/29/2014 c2 6Ultimate Black Ace
Hm... Actually expected Kuroko to be a little rusty, not like she showed here. Of course, whether or not she stayed in shape was never shown in canon, but there's a difference between exercising and actual combat. Of course, this was only her first fight in a while and not against the toughest opponent in the world (I mean, Jara didn't seem particularly weak, but not particularly strong either).
Such a technique, the ultimate attack and ultimate defense, is pretty dangerous on paper, but not so much practically. An opponent would have to focus on the offensive side, either to hinder the offense or to actually deal damage, which does leave them open to the attack itself. However, that reliance in turn means that the defense side can be more or less ignored in turn, anyone with a long enough weapon doesn't have to worry (provided they can maintain distance), and anyone who's great at evasion/faster/throws/deflection/etc. won't have much of a problem. All in all, a great opponent for round 1 due to the inherent flaws in the technique.
You're doing a pretty good job with Kuroko's fighting style though, it's an excellent application of Weak But Skilled and implies that there's still a lot she has yet to show (especially since she didn't use any spiritual energy techniques).
11/24/2014 c1 2FoolsGil
Interesting concept. I definitely want to see how this one will play out.
11/24/2014 c1 Apope
Um... Why THESE guys? I mean, you could EASILY have cooler/stronger guys...
11/23/2014 c1 1Bills Feline of Destruction
Thank you thank you for writing this story! For two reasons one because I would have loved the series to continue one of my favorites of all time! And two because I learned something about it I didnt know! I watched the tv show and Genkai dying and King Enma being corrupt I had no clue about. So thanks for bringing that to my attention. Also pretty good start to this story cant wait to read more!
11/23/2014 c1 4ImmortalMerc
Very solid chapter! I am a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho as well. I'm happy Toguro is back, is was the most intimidating opponent in the series in my opinion but he wasn't evil, more like an anti hero who believed the ends justified the means...until he decided his own damnation when he died.

I wonder how the Dark Tournament will go this time around.
11/21/2014 c1 5warriorofdark
Interesting so far. Good story being built up. Cant really say more until i see how you write the fights.
11/21/2014 c1 2goku96
Great start so far. Just need to clarify one thing the detective koemna went to is the one yusuke met before he went back to demon world right? Also will team urameshi actually get to fight in the tournament or something?

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