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11/24/2016 c3 fuzzyidioms
A delight thank you
10/28/2016 c3 shugokage
Definitely a cool story!
6/8/2016 c3 The Ultimate Balance Chaos
Hehe awesome love jedi taylor
5/18/2016 c3 3wolfey141
I have been looking for a good wprm, star wars story. I hope you keep this up cuz i love it.
4/19/2016 c3 10HecatonchiresLM
3/22/2016 c1 1Thorfaxdragonkin
A jedi damn hopefully she goes the route of lord revan and becomes a grey jedi
1/15/2016 c1 3TheDisturbedDragon
My thoughts on this chapter: The title of the chapter mentions lager... What does beer have to do with anything?
11/20/2015 c3 Anomoly42
I know it has been a year, but I feel I must ask if you intend to continue this story. I find it quite good and do enjoy your style of writing.
8/18/2015 c3 serack
lol great read
4/4/2015 c3 Bluesnowman
Very good stry I do hope that you continue it. It is very well written
3/24/2015 c3 x-marks-the-spot1974
this is pretty cool
3/15/2015 c3 The Observant Reader
Well written, awesome story. Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/14/2015 c3 3one.who.reads
I like it. Keep going.
2/23/2015 c1 4Dur'id the Druid
Interesting, and I'm surprised that more authors don't do a first person POV. But you made a bad technical mistake in this chapter with that. You flipped through many FP POVs too quickly. If your using a different POV for only a paragraph, don't. Especially if your doing that for several POVs as you did here, compounded by coming back to the first POV you were using anyway.

That breaks up the flow and actually stifles character development, and if you must do a scene like that either stick to one POV for the entire scene, or consider doing it from a third person POV for that scene.
2/20/2015 c3 2Mikowmer
PSSST! This is really good! Please update soon!
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