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for A Nordlander's War in Gallia

2/23/2015 c3 8Master Maple
I like it. Seems to fit within the time period, Nordland sounds like a genuine Europan nation, and the characters are likeable.
Carry on, good sir!
12/7/2014 c1 2KentaTC
This is some really good work you've done here. I'm especially fond of the 'Commander and Chief' style military writing for our main character. I was never wont for more description and I always knew what was going on. It's certainly a unique take on the Valkyria universe which I'm betting a lot of us never considered before. (I will admit that I'm sad to see the fighting from Gallia's aggressors' standpoint. I spent a lot of time defending the poor thing!)

I am a bit confused by why the Nordlanders use airplanes if they don't have much ragnite. At least for aircraft of the caliber seen in our own World War II, airplane engines were often far larger than even the heaviest of tank engines. The Spitfire fighter aircraft required a power-plant of some 1000kW to stay aloft whereas the Tiger 1 heavy tank had a 500kW engine.

That aside, I absolutely love aviation so I'm eager to read about how it affects the Second Europan War!
11/25/2014 c2 Chris the Metis
I have a feeling this is like A Bridge Too Far; Due too the objectives, timing and even the talks is roughly similar to A Bridge Too Far. Pretty much good.

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