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9/29/2017 c8 1Pecha Pichu
amazing story,thanks for addressing the transition and relationship between Formosa,ROC and PRC through Mei and Yao : )
2/4/2017 c1 2Vic.X
Oh God this is so awesome. I love your view of history.
7/1/2015 c7 12Isemay
I've really enjoyed this so far; the idea is quite unique and I love your writing style! All of the historical references are a plus as well. One thing I really liked though was the dialogue. It just seems so realistic- like it's really countries who are centuries old speaking. (Technically Hetalia is, for the most part, a parody, but it was nice to see the countries portrayed in a more serious, almost dark, way.)

The only criticism I have though is Kiku's dialogue. Japanese people do tend to pronounce l's as r's, but usually that only happens when the 'l' is followed by a vowel. When all of the l's are replaced with r's it disrupts the flow of the writing a bit. (Sorry the l/r mixup is sort of a pet peeve of mine ;)

This is amazing though and I really hope you continue to write! (Because you do it so well; I was really surprised when I saw that English is your second language!)
6/29/2015 c7 Nowhereland
This /hurt/. It really hurt. What right did the Westerners have to /rape/ the women? The Nanjing Massacre was worse, but rape is rape and this makes me more angry than the fact that Unit 731 was never accused of War Crimes because Americans wanted to keep Soviets from learning about Biological Warfare and get that info for theirselves. Excuse my language, but /fuck you/, General Douglas MacArthur, for agreeing to not try the /brutes/ that performed vivisections on civilians - children! Infants!

This got pretty long. I'm sorry about that. Beautiful chapter as always, last sentence gave me shivers.
6/29/2015 c6 Nowhereland
Oh, Yao. If you only knew the truth about Mei. Your writing is always so /wise/ and serene. Like Mei. The last paragraph is really insightful and Nowhereland wants to marry this fic.
6/29/2015 c5 Nowhereland
Oh, Empress Dowager Cixi.

This was again a beautiful chapter. Nowhereland cannot express the /rightness/ of this story. It's just...beautiful.
6/29/2015 c4 Nowhereland
This was one of the chapters that hurt a bit more. Imperialism/Expansionism is a disgusting thing, taking advantage of 'weaker' countries because you want land and money and disguising it as 'civilizing' the 'savages'. It's going to come back to bite you one day.
6/29/2015 c3 Nowhereland
Nowhereland absolutely loves your historical stories because they are simply just beautiful. It is often painful to learn about these things and your stories help me understand history better.
6/29/2015 c2 Nowhereland
Nowhereland is awestruck by your research/knowledge of Chinese history. They only know a vague outline of the events in that period and reading the Wikipedia articles gives them terrible headaches. It is refreshing to see the accurate use of Chinese in a story. Nowhereland often laughs at the Google Translated phrases in other stories, even though they know that they aren't any better with other languages and they shouldn't laugh.
6/29/2015 c1 Nowhereland
Nowhereland absolutely loves your descriptions and your writing style. The layout of the chapter is aesthetically perfect as well. Nowhereland wishes that they could write as well as you. They have built a marble and gold pedestal for you to sit on someday with lots of cookies and hot chocolate.

Nowhereland also liked the conversation between Kiku and Yao. The grim sarcasm and tiredness perfectly reflects the state of China at that period.

Nowhereland probably should have reviewed earlier. They give you their apologies and they have made it their mission to review each and every one of your chapters in each and every one of your stories (as a Guest, they're also too lazy to log in).
1/8/2015 c3 4RandomReader01
The story is interesting :D
Btw, are you Chinese(guessing from the Chinese pin yin you're using and also the name of the "productions"(?) )
11/23/2014 c1 52januarylightsphere
It's nice to see a story about Asia around. Keep up!

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