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9/25/2019 c1 9gHiRaHimOfThEsUrFaCe
Ok so I really, REALLY loved this story. Just one thing;

Romano’s human name is Lovino “Romano” Vargas. Cause you had everyone else’s human names and it just bothered me a bit- ok that’s a lie, it bothers me A LOTthat NOT ONCE did you use it in this story. But otherwise this is super cute~!
5/21/2018 c9 6I.will.drink.this.coffee
Is it weird this is the third time I've read this fan fiction? Yes? No? Either way, I pick up another detail I missed the first time and I just really love this. I don't remember if I have reviewed before, but if not I totally should have. I love this, it's probably my favorite spamano fic on this site or anywhere even.
5/17/2017 c9 madeh18
woaaaa, its so cute and hell, this story just so perfect. andddd, i love emma in this story. because she's a good friend for spamano, not third wheel xD she deserve happiness for her own. thank you for ur beautiful storyyy ;D
8/1/2015 c9 yishayzaccharo
Ohh my tomatoes!
I had a great time reading this xD it made me laugh a lot! I will always love the way you narrate and describe Spamano! They're so perfect for each other!

Also,I loved the relationship between Gil and Maddie :o) they're sooo sweet! and you did it again! Alice and Alfred! I'm going down with them! I love that couple sooo muchhhhh!

Anyways, I've read all your stories and I'm amazed. You're such a genius writing! I'll be waiting for your other stories as well!
Thanks for the great time!
1/30/2015 c9 3skouratapramata
That was lovely work! One of the funniest I've read on the site, and with good characterizations. I liked how it was not love at first sight with Antonio and Romano, it's quite original. I also loved the "albino" scene, it was a serious subject brought to us in a hilarious and also sweet way. I just wanted to comment after reading your ANs, that I think it's better if you just keep to the story length you're comfortable with and not try to make your chapters bigger unless you really feel you have something more to say. Making larger chapters worked for you here well because you had more interesting episodes to add, but in general I feel it's better to have chapters of normal length than ones dragging out without adding anything new to the story, and when I see that I'm always afraid the author strains him/herself too much, will get bored and drop the story altogether. I'll stop now! Thanks for the awesome story!
1/29/2015 c2 skouratapramata
Awesomely hilarious so far!
12/30/2014 c9 4thosehetalianships
Awe that story was adorable! I love to read the light-hearted cute fics every now and then and this fit the bill perfectly. Good job!
And that epilogue was precious XD
12/30/2014 c4 thosehetalianships
You have no idea how relieved I was when I realized that Emma wasn't crushing on Toni/Roma anymore haha XD
This is actually such a cute story I can't! :3
12/30/2014 c3 thosehetalianships
Awe Antonio! This is actually so sweet omg XD
12/30/2014 c1 thosehetalianships
Oh my god I love Spamano XD
Good start and I can see where this is going hehe
12/3/2014 c9 8bluecupcakes789
WRITE MORE! Especially Spamano!
you go girl!
12/1/2014 c9 Shan
Oh god, I missed some chapters! D: Poop! Darlin', my deepest apologies. I'll review whatever new story you come up with, okay? C:

AND WOOOOH! USUK AT THE END! I like USUK but more on UKUS. Rare pair peeves, ughhhhh. (groans)
12/1/2014 c9 5animefangal
YESH USUK *hugs you* PRAISE THE LORD! xD and I'm guessing Romano plans to graduate early right? :3
12/1/2014 c9 1MastermindKakashi
I knew it was a placebo! Haha, I really enjoyed your story
11/30/2014 c9 3evieechan
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