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9/21/2020 c30 1yoshi-in-black
So, I just finished the story and I really enjoyed it. I'm a bit sad you rushed things in the end, but I'm glad you finished it. I'd be totally in for a sequel. XD
8/7/2020 c30 Guest
How lovely, the VR game being a dream is so strange but so interesting but I do wonder what happened to Mukuro...
6/15/2020 c21 1neogoki
is this a Tsundere-like action from Hibari?
"I'll join your Guild, but only because you defeated me."
6/12/2020 c11 LavaLilly
I'm like halfway though the chapter amd the thought of them clearing Tsuna's hell hole has me pumped! Please tell me they Challenge his I really wan to know their reactions.
5/5/2020 c29 1SilentWolf3200
Is nobody going to mention the giant marshmallow desserts?
1/20/2020 c10 11Codename-SN
Ah fuck no tsuna bby no aaaaaaaaa
1/11/2020 c3 1Alpha Uchiha01
liking the story so far especially the fact you used the chemical formula for Nitroglycerin for Gokuderas user name that was really clever
10/14/2019 c30 Mernom
This story is quite nice. It convays the themes of the original very well, while managing to subvert the main context of the original (Tsuna being the successor to the Vongola).
Plus, the way you constructed the 'VR technology' makes perfect sense, based on the rules of that universe. It deals the more common issues of most VRMMO stories (mainly lag), and also leaves plenty of room for the whole 'to beyond the rules' thing.
10/13/2019 c24 Mernom
So that's 3 sky over rankers. It seems that while the rarest, it's also the strongest on avarage.
10/12/2019 c19 Mernom
A bit surprised Tsuna was surprised by the reveal of the illusion thing. I thought he realized it independently during his test fight.
10/12/2019 c18 Mernom
The Xanxus redemption thing was quite good.
Also, for once, it's not an Iemitsu bashing story.
10/12/2019 c14 Mernom
So far, the story is not bad. My biggest (and only, honestly) complaint is when you stop using the IGN after revealing the Character's real name. It breaks the POV consistency (since even if the scene is mainly from the POV of a character who's not aware of the true identity, it's still mentioned)
10/3/2019 c28 1neogoki
Mukuro coming for some payback is just logical progression.
As is his implied faith in Tsuna, he got close and personal with his Sky-flammes, that leaves an impression.
8/14/2019 c30 ToxicMariella
I was very very intrigued when I first read the summary. I mean, a VRMMO? With Flames? How did that happen? Is the magical bs in canon still involved, or is it not? So I read the first chapter, and man, was I Intrigued. Especially with the changes. The three heirs being alive, Ryohei and Takeshi not living in Namimori, the Simon Family and Giotto's descendants living in a hidden island, Luce being alive and has Uni as her daughter instead of Aria (And the curse isn't passed! gREAT!), etc. The changes were interwoven beautifully into what's left of canon. I love it. Plus, I also love the IoF's concept. The Over Ranks' towers were really cool. The plot? Fucking superb. It was laid out very nicely. Every character was involved and was moving. Speaking of characters, I love Tsuna's development and his relationships' development? Like? Reborn mentoring him (and not about Mafia! And being boss!) on himself and because of that push, Tsuna was able to kickstart his development. Then! Tsuna's slow developing/improving relationship with his friends. So sweet. I love it. I love this story. Thanks for writing it!
8/4/2019 c30 H3llion
Loved the story! From the summary, I thought there wasn't going to be mafia involved, but this was reall well-written! Thank you for the story~
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