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for Winter's Thaw

12/9/2020 c37 1Maritza92
please write the sequel, i would love to see what happens then. as long as you dont torture Arya and gendry all that bad in it.
4/4/2020 c37 sol y luna 0428
For all the days of my life and every day after that ohh i fell in love hey how Arya died and revived now if she could have children with Gendry ?
4/4/2020 c34 sol y luna 0428
valid she is angry Gendry wasn't there when she needed him But seriously after believing him dead and crying, will he just let him go? Arya is an idiot
4/4/2020 c19 sol y luna 0428
Liar Bitch ! that Rabia and Gendry out there like an idiot says nothing !
4/4/2020 c17 sol y luna 0428
oh Arya is very open hehehe this must be the newlyweds right?
4/4/2020 c16 sol y luna 0428
Oh, how sweet that was very sweet
4/4/2020 c15 sol y luna 0428
oh so cute this Gendry ... he is more innocent
4/3/2020 c13 sol y luna 0428
shit I did not expect that, not so fast
4/3/2020 c10 sol y luna 0428
It is not critical, but I did not understand Did they or did they not?
4/3/2020 c8 sol y luna 0428
oh I love that despite having his character is considered
4/3/2020 c6 sol y luna 0428
oh wait Gendry is so cute !
4/3/2020 c4 sol y luna 0428
oh shit what a horrible experience but why was it like that ? He also had no experience?
4/3/2020 c2 sol y luna 0428
Hi there Well, the fic is interesting ... I love that he remembers when Gendry sets out and tells him that with help he knows how to use a fork dor
5/4/2019 c37 14Hope-W
Lovely story! Thanks for writing it
8/21/2018 c37 32Strawwolf
Man am I happy Arya made the right decision. And there's going to be a sequel! Thanks for writing!
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