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for Reading, A Father's Love

5/5 c12 Guest
Continuala porfa esta chida la historia
4/20 c1 guest110
Please update your cradle of the uchiha clan story
4/11 c12 Pls
4/9 c12 reptoholic
4/9 c11 reptoholic
fucking awesome
3/24 c12 rosaurocunanan16
Please update this fanfic already! Please i don't have much time to wait for another year! This fanfic is the best percy, naru crossover ! I don't wanna read 12 chapters as my last chapters! So please update this fanfic please! Even if it's just one chapter!
3/24 c11 rosaurocunanan16
Damn this fanfic is really getting more godly! Please update this already! It really is exciting!
3/23 c10 rosaurocunanan16
Awsome chapter! Like i said before this really is the best! Anyways please update this fanfic already please!
3/23 c9 rosaurocunanan16
Damn i can already hear singing when ares got his ass kicked! Hah!
3/23 c8 rosaurocunanan16
Hope thena and dite share naruto to the end of this! Damn! This is really the best!
3/23 c7 rosaurocunanan16
Damn! Really love the chapter! It's funny as hell, please update this already please!
3/23 c6 rosaurocunanan16
HAHAHAHA! The scene with thea and athena are so cute and funny! Like i said this is the best!
3/23 c5 rosaurocunanan16
Damn! I'm lovin this story more and more! This really is the best!
3/23 c4 rosaurocunanan16
Like i said before, and I'll say it again! This is the best percy, naru crossover ever ! Especially the scene with athena! Really looking forward to the reaction of aphrodite too!
3/23 c3 rosaurocunanan16
Like i said before this really is an amazing fic!
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