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for Reading, A Father's Love

6/11 c12 Leonhart Crosszeria
It's been a long time i read it again. please update this soon
6/11 c12 Isgak
Nooooooo..where's the rest?!
6/8 c12 Daniel Ogu
Please update, i really like this story and i would love to see an interaction with Older Annabeth and Older Lacy.
6/7 c12 jprdec29
I've been reading this story and AFL for sometime and I love it its amazing I hope you can update them in the future
thanks for your good work and hope your fine
6/4 c12 dino2000
update when ?
5/11 c12 Shifufufd
5/7 c1 MeteorElDrago
Bruh I pushed the wrong button before I could finish my review. Anyways great story and I can't wait for Aphrodite and Athena to meet Naruto.
5/7 c1 MeteorElDrago
5/3 c4 Hyperman15
The Athena Naruto reunion scene is too funny. I also got a huge second hand embarrassment at the same time.
5/2 c12 Madara1sensei2
please make more chapters, I want to see the reactions.
I really liked the chapter, it was fun.
4/29 c12 Azn3d1
I’ve been reading this story and A Fathers love for years now and it’s been amazing every time. It would be dope if any more updates to the stories come out anytime soon. Either would be a blessing. Keep up the awesome work!
4/27 c7 IronjoRegan2005
Where is chapter 13 it's been a while since you last updated your story
3/22 c1 Kelvin Wong Jun Sheng
I wonder when the new update (chapter 13) will come out. It has honestly been a while since the last update.
3/21 c12 tyrekebah53
When the next one
3/21 c1 Guest
Please continue bring ch 13.
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