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for Reading, A Father's Love

9/5 c12 2Bloodrave9
Bro pls continue this one, maybe until he kicks ares' ass
8/21 c1 Leonardo Rivera Bringas
ya mero el siguiente cap
8/1 c12 Guest
Please update
7/31 c12 jonatas2k2
volta a atuliza essa tb
7/31 c1 Dasgun
7/6 c7 Guest
I know this story is old and I know the Gods were somewhat like this but I just can’t get over the fact that Athena had a mental baby with Naruto and he’s just completely fine with it like with “Dite” I can understand because they actually made the kid but “Thea” did it without his consent and just dropped her off with him. I feel like he should be a little more distant from her
7/1 c2 darkimortal
Just want to give a heads up someone posted this story over on Web Novel.

Also, I'm really enjoying the "Reading" so far!
6/26 c10 lycnt
Author, you must consider continue this story, please! It's as great as the original fic.
5/26 c1 Naito no Kitsune
Will you be updating this story as well?
5/19 c12 Guest
Tolong lanjutkan cerita nya..
5/17 c1 Guest
Bro when gonna upload next chapter of reading fan fiction
5/15 c12 Guest
Aku sudah membaca nya berulang kali dan menunggu bab ini di lanjutkan aku menyukai jalan cerita ini selalu membuat ku penasaran bagaimana reaksi Athena dan Aphrodite saat melihat ke akrab an keluarga Uzumaki
5/2 c12 5freedomringer
I do love these readings
5/2 c5 2ryuken85
4/29 c1 dphillip946
I don't know if you are aware, but I found this exact story on the webnovel app posted under D. Anth (I abriviated here). only has 12 chapters, but it's word for word. I'm not sure if you posted this or not, but I wanted to let you know.
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