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11/24 c19 Uchiha Raven
I have a question for you, can anyone make a suggestion if possible? I was wondering if you could write up a Naruto/Teen Titans/DC story. I don't see a lot of those tbh.
11/22 c44 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I like how things went in this chapter. Especially Naruto beating the crap out of Kisame. I got a bit of a laugh out of a few parts there. Though I do feel kinda bad for the guy since he’s one of my favorite bad guys.

I’m glad that everyone was able to be reunited in this chapter but it’s going to suck with how some of them are going to try to convince everyone to go back to there home again for those that want nothing to do with going back. I do wonder how things will go when that time ends up coming. If it even does.

I do wonder just how many more girls are goi my to end up joining Naruto and the other girls and who they might be. I think I have an idea on a few of them but I’m not completely sure on that. Laura is one that I’m thinking on but again I’m not fully sure on.

I think I have a theory on what that pyramid might be but I’m hoping I’m wrong about it. I never did like that guy one bit whats so ever.

I wonder what you’re going to be able to come up with for how things will go in the next chapter. I’m looking forward to reading what you have in mind when your able to get it done and posted. I’m really liking how things are going in the story.

I do hope that you and those you know and care about are able to keep safe and staying healthy during this time we are in. I also hope the same for any others who read this as well. Stay safe and take care of yourself and those around you if you can everyone.
11/14 c44 Guest
buen cap XD
11/3 c5 Usurpade
. ...
11/3 c6 Legalt
This fic is great, but god, the Jiraiya shit is so terrible. I expected justice. Repercussions, but no, basically nothing. Legit. He spied on them 2 months. Two teenagers in love, and spied on ALL their intimate moments... Then wrote books about them... I don't know if that entire thing is meant to pass as humor, but it's just infuriating. And you make the Icha Icha about them a constant theme in this. Like, this fics Jiraiya perving is probably the worst I've ever read amongst hundreds, possibly thousands of Naruto fics.

Not like anyone cares, but I'm dropping this, at least until the irritation simmers down. It shouldn't detract from such a great fic, but as someone who's experienced it... Severely, I HATE invasion of privacy, especially with intimate moments. It legitimately makes you feel like you were physically violated... But again, this only REALLY got to me because Jiraiya is still basically a-ok. Good luck.
10/31 c44 Kitten Arina
I missed the birth of Kurenai baby and I am guessing that the clan can babysit but to me it seemed like she wouldn’t want to do that. So would Asuka be left looking after the kid sense you haven’t killed him off yet or is Shikamaru doing it because of a promise? How many girls are you going to try and get Naruto with?
10/31 c44 1Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter and I'm happy you are back work8ng on this story. I thought the scene of Naruto beating down Kisame due to being uninformed was funny, despite the fact I shouldn't have found it humorous. One thing though, Naruto seemed to reconcile with Kakashi a little to quick. With Kakashi starting to get back on Naruto's good size. I hope you keep Team Anko as it is, or at least keep Naruto, Illyana and Sakura together as a team. Again great work on this chapter and I looking forward to reading the next one.
10/30 c7 LegendaryMob
I'm seriously sick of this fics use of demonic thingy. 7 chapter and still couldn't help but feel that Naruto and Illyana's relationship are all made-up and fake, That they are only loving one another just because of some outside demon influence instead of them loving just for the sake of love. *sigh*
10/30 c19 Kitten Arina
Wait vacation from Hell? What your sending them back to Limbo for Naruto to relax why the heck would you do this Do you hate them for some reason? Oh that was you doing a funny please stop that wasn’t a very good one.
10/28 c44 Shin
It's always rough when writer's block hits..I may not put up any fanfics I make but I dabble in making some for myself just for fun and writer's block is murder when you want to continue a fic but you don't know where to go or how to make it get to where you want to go. Personally I like all your fics but I'm really looking forward to Lyoness being updated at some point..with Cyberpunk 2077 pushed back..again..to December 10th now I'm eager for a good Naruto Cyberpunk..which to be fair I think your fic is the only one I've seen that is wholly original as far as setting goes and isn't crossed over with another series that already has cyberpunk setting..you're also the only one I've seen use Arcologies. It has been awhile since Dragon's Maw has been updated though..that's one of the problems I've had myself with making multiple fics..I get ideas, get a few chapters in and then I get a new idea for a new fic and have to put it down..at this point I just right down general plot points and the outline for what I want to do and think over how to get there and the like later after working on stuff I already have.
10/27 c14 Issei Uzumaki
Oh god this chapter is gold! I was literally in tears at one point from laughing!
10/27 c8 Kenra tacha
I really enjoy your fanfictions. Please continue it and also i am looking forward for the infinite divide update as well.
10/27 c44 Guest
Great chapter. now only missing the last book of jiraiya introducing the amazon warrior zuka. and a plus with Laura as the creation looking for a purpose for its existence.
10/27 c44 auron frost
So glad you managed to find your muse again I love this story and Dragons maw
10/27 c44 8Noctus Of The Thousand Blades
why do i suddenly have the sinking feeling that En-Sabah-Nur is about to make an appearance? that pyramid rings a little too familiar.

on another note, welcome back. i was starting to wonder if we would ever see any updates from you again.

i have shifted more towards Harry Potter fics of late, so i rarely touch naruto anymore. you are one of the few authors who writes naruto fics that i will actually read.

so again, welcome back

and as always

thank you for your time.
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