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for Naruto: Magik

11/16 c44 Dragonman110
I look forwards to reading the next chapter when your up for updating this story.
11/3 c44 HurZysn
go ahead and reread the story as great as I remembered and I can't wait for more updates whenever they happen
10/26 c13 dragon44pride
Will the Raikage ever meet Naruto?
9/18 c44 XxKonekoLoverxX
is this still updating?
9/17 c19 XxKonekoLoverxX
I like jugo, he is awesome. one of my favorite characters.
9/17 c16 XxKonekoLoverxX
ninjas are weird lol
8/18 c44 Autobot-Wolfsketch
The story is absolutely incredible I enjoyed every is it every bit of it I like the relationship between Naruto, Illyana and Hinata I really hope the story gets continued Because I honestly overlook it forward to its continuation Again great chapter and great story overall.
6/26 c25 carneyjarred
The X-Men can have guest appearances or appear in a sequel as side characters like secondary X-Men is my least favorite marvel storyline. I like the characters but the rascisim of a gene of All things despite Stan Lee making the X-Men relatable as he tends to do for lot of his characters puts it off for me love spiderman More anyways? I like this story anyway and hope for More and I kinda want to see DC comics equivalent of this story like Raven or maybe a De-aged poison ivy or something do think it's possible? My favorite scene is Jiraiya being chased by illyana with Axe.
6/25 c6 carneyjarred
You know I had this thought of sasori being captured instead of killed and having Naruto and Sakura turn his puppet body into a permanent sex doll for chiyo I just think would be good as omake or a semi-crack fic actually doing a crack-fic might be a good break for you when your stuck on your stories btw have you read bondage style and Team 7's secret motto there both recommend reads consider it a apology gift from me for being mean I did not meant and I feel guilty about it I think we were both in the wrong here me for making rude assumptions and your snapping response you were justified in giving me there is nothing I can do but start over .I really find this story funny and fun though I gotta ask have you ever thought of writing a My hero academia and Naruto crossover? Ps I fave naruto x Mina ashido if that happens.
6/18 c44 God of All Eros
I love this story please keep it up (or come back if it’s been a while)
6/8 c44 matigasen
3/19 c44 mark
I am so glad you keep continuing this story.. I love the characters and the humor. Wonderful story. Every time I see new chapters I read from the beginning so I don't miss anything.
Thank You.
2/7 c44 30Adventreader221
waiting on chapter 45 big guy
1/29 c28 RavenUchiha333
LOL I love how you portray Jashin! I don't know why I laughed so hard and imagining her talking like a popular girl in high school.
1/23 c44 samler
wir naruto auch magie lehrnen
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