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4/13 c77 3GrimmPandaMan
Great work, Virgil convincing villains to go "corporate" was rather interesting to read. I always look forward to more of your stuff. :3
3/31 c77 3Raidentensho
thinking about it, why hasn't Joker's ride be called the Cackle Carrage. that would be interesting to workshop and post on social media. though, will the condiment king also be on the list via chemical warfare of his sauces, causing allergic reactions, being the main sellspoint. I also wonder that after a few months, Emerald will want to roll in the hay with Virgil, or maybe he will run into Maya(Borderlands) on the next field mission. this will be epic. until then, later!
3/14 c77 Blaze1992
I missed a lot, he meet black lagoon, saved kids of major criminal families and recruited people to his faction.

Been a busy bee he has.
3/13 c73 Blaze1992
3/7 c9 LegendaryMob
welp atleast he didn't spill everthing and his life story like most fiction mc here in this site.
3/7 c5 LegendaryMob
sometimes, i really don't like how an Mc just casually answering anyone's question when glared at as if he doesn't have the right to keep the answer to himself. they are not entitled to get any answer but somehow the mc just spill the beans as if being intimidated by this girls when he literally came from the ground zero and bath himself with the blood of 100 men. His armor is his own their the one who decided to invade his privacy and now their demanding answers? like wtf
3/7 c6 LegendaryMob
if that was your intention. wanting them to be some sort of false messiah and an eventual enemy for vergil in your fic then good cause you manage to do it. otherwise your just making them incompetent to raise Vergil's status somehow.
3/7 c6 LegendaryMob
Main issue here is the fact that this is the second time this infection happen. the fact that the league specially batman still has no contingency for it after the disastrous 1st outbreak makes their inaction really really questionable... they are heroes for F-sake the fact that they have a chance to do something after not being there the first time yet still didn't do anything just paint them in a bad light.
3/7 c7 LegendaryMob
Batman has enough resources to just create drones and other sattelite spying equipment to monitor/scout mercer and then ambushed him with a well planned plan. your them "helping" scenario cause of fear of being consumed is assuming they are going to enter gungho style and let mercer ambush them
3/7 c7 LegendaryMob
JL inaction makes me question their moral more than them taking action. they have the most resourceful and smartess people in their little club and yet they couldn't spare some of that to help those people in need prior to the ground zero and early days of the infection. like seriously, Batman alone has enough resources to bribe his way to making the justice league somehow able to help or even recruit several big names in science community with high salary to make a think tank that could potentially counter said infection but so far they seems to have done nothing and just watch the manhattan burn.
3/7 c77 Raidentensho
very nice. though why do I have the feeling that Virgil will be going to Kokomo. besides being a song from the Beach Boys, it is sometimes forgotten. the perfect place for a shady scheme. though, I can't help but think that by accident, it will knock loose an iceberg holding Captain America. this will be epic. until then, later!
3/7 c5 LegendaryMob
hopefully his armor is buffed. i really want to overestimate it but it's kinda hard not because the armor was weak but simply because this is atleast part of Dc where something like Blue Beetle exist.
3/7 c1 LegendaryMob
his backstory is too over the top and messy ngl. it's in an in your face kind of "he is you protagonist" kind of shit and shove it to your throat.
3/7 c77 5Thefallenjedi66

Wait. That's not going on the review right? Eh. I'm sure you'll cut it out.

NOW WE'RE TALKIN! Gettin thosee recruits, gettin daht glider from dhat bo2 mission.

Though I want mah Fulton kidnap-I MEAN ACQUIRING! Yes! That's what I meant! Liberate them with Fulton recoveries!
3/6 c77 6OmegaDelta
So Psycho thought he was being compared to Psycho Mantis, but Virgil was referencing the sorrow of the boss's original team from the Naked Snake mission. Wonder who the next villain will be and what this working vacation will entail? Keep up the good work.
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