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1/24 c62 3Okaze
Been binge reading this story for the last week or so and I love it! You've definitely got me following this, and I can't wait for more. You've made an amazing character in Virgil/Vincent.
1/18 c48 KKid
I swear I forgot all about blackgate
1/16 c32 sidehoeforu
This story is absolutely garbage. Now don't think I'm calling that to be toxic or for any other reason in that vein. Objectively looking at the story and what it is being advertised as reveals the trashy nature this is. Firstly, the story is advertised as a crysis crossover with young justice, and there is an empty toothpaste tube of substance that even is the original summary. The story immediately starts off in prototype, this isn't a problem because having a few crossovers can be done tastefully. This story does not do that. Other than briefly mention justice league and then delving into a new genre almost every chapter its practically not a cohesive story at all at this point. This further adds to the "trash" that the story is because if you look into a trash can its a jumbled mess of way too much stuff that's just thrown in. The story is pretty much that now.

Now if what was placed in the synopsis and tags wasn't there then this would be fine. Take it more like a crossover story shit post. It's what lts basically become. I must reiterate that implementing other IPs isn't bad but again must be done tastefully and sorry author you kindbof have no idea how to do that. This story is the equivalent of someone saying they want to do a nice story set in Invincible but now the My Little agony gang and care bears are the actual focus point, and then let's throw in adventure time and some dragon ball because why not? It sounds fun putting those together to make a story that I completely am making by the seat of my pants and doing it because it sounds cool. That is practically what's been done in this story and makes it a garbage buffet of hodgepodge grabbed from whatever is in a Wikipedia list of media.
1/14 c62 3coldblue2015
Thanks for working with Spaceman and helping to create "Young Justice: Doom and Rebirth".

Anyone a fan of NewMystery356, would like that story, if you are reading the review outside NewMystery356.

Most of NewMystery356 stories are good, given some will not like it all or do not know the genre.

...Covid, hate it and sadly it is not going away anytime soon.

Still, these stories help me through the crisis and it great to read writers creating unique works of Fan Fiction.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep up the good work!
1/5 c1 A guy
Hello author-san, it was to ask if were going to be (and if you could) update Fate/Fake Night on , because... I can't read it on QuestionableQuesting (and I'm surely not alone in this case), considering the site redirect every attempts to use a link to an error page...
Stay healthy.
1/5 c22 CatWitHat
The shield (even if it’s supposed to be like caps shield) reminds me of the sentinel subclass from Destiny 2 that Titans can play.
1/4 c62 11Youngtrick
A few questions. 1. Where does SECOND stand in terms of abilities to the likes of Jarvis of F.I.L.S.S..

2. What exactly can the nano-machines currently, and eventually, allow him to do without the suit.

3. From my knowledge of Crysis lore the nanosuit replaces muscle, bone, and supplements brain tissue with a nano-mesh is it doing anything like that now, or as it's the protosuit does it not have that capability.

Love the story can't wait for the next chapter.
1/3 c62 Blaze1992
A government group filled with killer/spies/merc's slipped something into his drink without him knowing, I naturally assumed the worst and thought it was something similar to the nanite bomb Waller used in the movies.
1/3 c62 fallendemon248
I dont why but I think vergil should be a little afraid whos to say wonder woman isnt looking for her "Dick of the Day" I just thought he was getting along too well... so you never know.
1/3 c62 3Raidentensho
very nice. so 'Will' is a possible candidate under the 'Melt'. though, finding artifacts own his own via telemetry mage-sight from aura vibrations, is it possible that will lead to another arc and a subplot unraveled? also wonder if the nerds' projects 'Will' set them on will lead to the 'Gad Cubes' from "Gad Guard" and him also having one. figured why not have a heavy metal brute as a back-up partner if he is still going to use his bow. looking forward to more. this will be epic. until then, later!
1/1 c62 CountOrlok777
I sense great comedy in the next chapter.
1/1 c62 9UndeadLord22
...I feel like there was a Jojo reference somewhere in this chapter, and i cant tell which was it
1/1 c62 superpierce
great chapter surprised to learn Carolina knows Wonder Woman I thought due to her being a black ops operative that she wouldn't encounter her or any less subtle heroes.
1/1 c62 1sglenn3232
Hey do you even know what's going on in your own story not being an ass but you have way to much going on
1/1 c62 7Jebest4781
This was quite good and enjoyed how it went so far. Can't wait to see what'll be done next here.

Also gonna wonder what things Virgil would do for Amanda Waller, both on normal orders or going out of his way to curry a number of favors under his belt.
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