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11/25/2021 c61 MountainBookSage25
Maaaaann the fuuucccckkkk

Virgil's important nowwww

well, more important than before


11/25/2021 c61 superpierce
Oh good lord what heck did they do to him. Also who is team 7 and are they from DC.
11/25/2021 c61 8Jebest4781
This is getting good. Can’t wait to see what’ll be done next.
11/25/2021 c61 justinq719
1. The Hadoken? Really?
2. What did Carolina do to Virgil?!
11/25/2021 c61 Flygar
Forgive? Sure, with a bullet in your skull
11/17/2021 c55 The Shadow Monarch
I came back to this story after a few years and now Tony Stark is in this chapter.. Did he nuke thew hell outta the Red Zone? If not why? Since Shield is also a thing as well.

Honestly, all ya stories belong in the multiverse crossover category.
11/16/2021 c60 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Good story with lots of laugh.
I really hope that the crysis and prototype part of the story grow.
Virgil special force work need more techs, more training, more weapons and more missions.

I really hope that virgil learn to use shurikens, escrima, swords with his martial arts training, cqc and systema.
Also i really hope virgil loot some techs from aliens, mafias, enemy military, pmc like blackwatchs or corrupted entreprises.

Please tell us that the nanites in virgil body have taken dna from megan and her bioship to upgrade the biotech of crynet but also his octomask and octocamouflage.
I also hope some scans from the 3 power armour virgil was in. Hope some fly option with a mixte of luthor anti gravity and stark repulsor. And some crytech nano ARC reactors in differents part of the protosuit for more energy and more techs options.

I really hope the protosuit could have some cool experimental techs or tech inspired from gentech research over their orion project or the whitelight or will virgil find some nano tech gentech created named Greylight.
Or will virgil find some dna from james heller the surnamed ares in prototype 2 ?
I really hope virgil will have some nanites to make weapons like blacklight in prototype 2 : sword (with all his variants form : thin, broad, clever and kukri blades) , shields, claws, whipfist and hammerfist.
I really hope the disguise, wall running, glide, sensory power, biobomb, tendrils and musclemass will give some upgrade to virgil nanosuit.

Like biobomb become nano bombe.. .
Take observation or scan of virgil to create options, gadget, weapons or nano add on...
Take ideas of game of super soldier tech and improvise.

For example tech from amazo was stole from crynet or foxcry and after being take back give news option to virgil like Ghost mode from martian man hunter to phase wall.
Solar mode from superman to recharge with light.
Flight mode from wonderwoman.
Energy shield from green lantern.
Stealth mode upgrade from batman with some grapplins in the hands like the master chief from halo infinite.

For virgil harem i am not sure that athena will rest in the long road.
I think virgil and athena are not a good couple because they dont have a lots of affinity.
I think that the first love of virgil, zatanna, Artemis and megan will finish by a break up. First love generally dont work. Because of leak of experience or in comic because one in the couple die or quit.
See gwen stacy and jade with roy harper.
Also if you have see all the épisodes up to season 4 episode 6 you know wally west and superboy are dead. See how artemis and megan are devasted by their lose love.

If you want use ideas from games like batman arkham, spiderman, metal gear, prototype or splinter cell for tech and upgraded to virgil gadgets.
You can even add a file with his techs, his future upgrades, his tools, his weapons or his skills.
Dont make it like a game with hp and mp but mark évolution of his armour and when he add some tool like a drone or camera amnos or trap amnos...

Also please add more special arrows (emp, cryo, gaz, fishnet, smoke, flash, siren, bomb or trap) like Green Arrow.
I cant wait to see blackwatch reaction to black arrow coming back.
Also please have virgil raid some gentech and blackwatch base on the mainland and on other island or underground base.

Please let your imagination open.
The scifi and fantasy road are the way.
So go wild and have fun.
11/13/2021 c53 3Thefallenjedi66
I see tony followed the vorkuta steps
11/11/2021 c43 Thefallenjedi66
You could’ve played country road. Would’ve fit waaaaay better. Wasted opportunity man.
11/7/2021 c38 2Greavous123
It would be funny if Virgil set up 2 different mind defenses. 1 when he is on missions and one when he is at home and hanging around Heroes. He could use the Psyche Lock idea for when he is around Heroes and just hanging around as these would be generally weaker. The defenses he could use when he is on missions should be based around overpowered franchises such as Warhammer 40k and Fantasy as any mind reader going into Virgil's mind will have to contend with these vastly overpowered being when trying anything in his mind.
11/5/2021 c20 MitoUzamaki
isnt tina white?
11/4/2021 c1 Nemisis420
enjoyed the icp reference
11/3/2021 c1 Tony McNucklz
Just to get a feel for the story, I skipped ahead and read random samples trying to find what justified this being a DC in general and YJ specific fic. I wound up in what seemed a random disjointed samples of no connection to either every single time except lex luthor and a bad kind control joke, up to and including the MCU making an appearance, and Osborn as well. Apparently some metal gear, and other almost assuredly fandoms that I didn't recognise but seemed too specific not to be IP characters from somewhere. I scanned through a second time looking for YJ. Zilch. I'm guessing it's somewhere, but evidently it's not large enough to be picked up by a not small scan.
No idea why this is DC. Feeling catfished. Out. Pity, the premise was excellent and the prototype origin arc was downright inspired. Unfortunately, everything after he left the yellow zone just spiraled into what seemed an endless series of dice rolls to decide what showed up next. Also unfortunately, I just can't enjoy endless crossovers, and this really should just be marked Crysis and crossover with no other fandom listed seems like.
11/3/2021 c10 Tony McNucklz
Ok, your AN here basically says outright that this isn't a YJ fic, more like an OC and a dumptruck full of randos that have been dumped in that verse without much tangible reason. Why have be any DC verse if the DC characters aren't going to play much of a role?
Also, I'll note that while other heroes may have a point regarding getting absorbed by Mercer, but the Lanterns sure as fuck don't. No way that in Millions of years the Corps never dealt with bio weapons like that ever, he'll there's probably members of the current corps that to have had to deal with one. If three lanterns, or however many there are on Earth right now, can't contain and deal with such a geographically small outbreak, what the fuck are they doing in a job meant to patrol thousands of worlds?
So what, the crysis suit gave him gamer quest powers? or is this bullshit for the sake of lulz that is just supposed to not have the reader wondering if the author is just fafing about without thought?
Are you competing with yourself to see how many times you can insert Nazi into chapters?
Honestly wondering what the point is of pretending this is a DC or Young Justice fix unless you're just trying to catfish readers looking for YJ fics into getting hooked into a patchwork of other other fandom. Ten chapters in and besides a bit of rif on the League members and winding up in Borderlands with a sign that claims to be bludhave despite all evidence to the contrary, there's absolutely nothing DC going on, and the AN makes it seem like the entire story will be that way, where despite DC being the verse, DC IP is apparenggl y going to be a gust star to the story rather than anything meaningful at this rate. If DC does in fact play a role eventually, you may want to put a mote at the story beginning assuring the reader that while you have XX number of chapters before DC stuff starts happening, that's just to backstop the OC. Because right now, I'm losing the will to continue.
11/3/2021 c9 Tony McNucklz
And the crossovers continue climbing.
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