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10/2/2022 c67 Wraith048
Who's ready for Miller's Maxi Burgers? I for one am famished for a delicious chemical burger.
10/2/2022 c67 Kalbario
...Oh Spit! you're bringing in RWBY in this!?. Actually, that doesn't sound so bad.
Wow it's been a long time my friend! Muse being a fickle tease again?
10/1/2022 c67 8Jebest4781
This was quite good here. Can't wait to see what'll be done next in this.
10/1/2022 c67 3Okaze
Microorganisms that can eat through metal and can be laced on the arrows. Good God terrifying is right.
10/1/2022 c67 superpierce
How many chapters until canon?
10/1/2022 c67 KyranKandosa
That stinger there... Is that a mother effing RWBY reference?! Either way, I like the chapter regardless. Looking forward to the next one.
10/1/2022 c67 DarkBan
Poor Virgil can't buy a soda without having to break someone's bones xDD
10/1/2022 c67 Pathfinder097
...was that fucking Cinder , Emerald , and Mercury at the end?
10/1/2022 c67 2JDS62
oh no... not them... not CRMN, actually kill CRM and keep N she is at least interesting unlike, Daddy issues phantom pain version; kleptomaniac illusionist multipoint inclusivity; miss megalomaniacal superiority complex pyromaniac. Other than that glad to see that the familiar is being helpful, unlike other fics where they become either forgotten in a chapter or just become comic relief.
9/23/2022 c66 adam stewart
i tried searching for your it didn't work i typed it as NewMystery356
9/24/2022 c66 Bright Omumuabuike
Please, try space battles or sufficient velocity. Or even questionable questing.
9/23/2022 c66 TheWhiteKnight245
can you post on webnoval too
9/23/2022 c66 2Night Shadow76
Okay, first, those rumors are pretty serious, this is the first I've heard about that, so I hope it's not true. And second, have you checked your spam? I used to get notifications myself before it just stopped, YEARS ago mind you, and I found out that for some reason they all started going to my spam. So maybe check that before jumping the gun.
9/22/2022 c66 Mr Morpheus
Cant find your profile on Archive of Our Own. il try agian in the future but just so you know it doesn't show up on google or the website itself when i search for you.
9/22/2022 c66 2Yu Narukaze
Honestly, I've been hearing that FFN was on the verge of shutdown for *years* now, and it doesn't seem to have gotten substantially worse recently. I still get update notifications on stories, myself; maybe yours just haven't updated much recently? (Heck, I just checked through my list of FFN follows, and I'm still up-to-date on all of them...)

Basically, I feel like this panic is probably overblown. The mobile app still gets regular updates, so the site isn't *totally* abandoned. And yes, the backend could certainly use some updates, but by and large it seems to still be working. Mostly.

I would recommend people download stories that they're fond of if they're worried about the site shutting down, and it *is* good to crosspost stories, but again, this recent panic seems rather overblown. For God's sake, I haven't even seen any evidence that the site staff *did* get transferred to FictionPress, from what I can tell it's all hearsay.
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