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for Young Justice: The Hunter

9/22/2022 c66 Xenozip
God I hope it doesn't shut down, it's my favourite site for fanfiction.
9/22/2022 c66 dev123playz
I cant find the ao3 profile
9/22/2022 c66 Rakaan
I'd also recommend posting on any of SpaceBattles forum, Sufficient Velocity, or Questionable Questing. They're all forum sites that also have sections for "creative writing". When looking for fanfiction to read, I tend to cycle through FF dot net, and those.
9/22/2022 c66 BlitzNeutral69
I can’t find the Ao3 account. XD
9/21/2022 c13 YungTurd
this dude just adding every bullshit character he can to this story lol. shit is mad annoying
9/18/2022 c65 3Raidentensho
very nice. so, Virgil will be dragged into the dreaming city (Bloodborne) and meet Morpheus (Sandman DC) whilst dealing with errant Nightmares in the future? figured that the blood of the terrors would be collected and used to invigorate the Dream of the Endless? looking forward to more. until then, later!
8/29/2022 c45 3Thefallenjedi66
8/24/2022 c24 Thefallenjedi66
Im sorry…. “Punisher” Venom snake? Are we in an alternate timeline?
8/6/2022 c65 Guest
Would be cool if Vergil put a rune on the pummel and maybe his glove or wrist armors so he could recall it like a Jedi or Thor

Also since it’s Nth metal and was clearly made for vergil

So the metal is kinda bonded to him

Will vergil get a healing factor, gravity powers, enhanced strength, flight, durability and have no need to breath in space or otherwise when he bonds deeper with it?

Also foxblade and his team is foxcry lol that’s super cool
8/6/2022 c64 Guest
Would be hilarious to see Athena meet Morris

Dunno if I should be be scared for his life with tina or interested to see her interact with the dumpling tho

Hope he makes a belt of protection or something to protect Morris from explosives or just physical harm
8/6/2022 c63 Guest
Ahh the 6 legged pillow with wings

Hope he makes a glamour so it looks like a pug to the outside tho

Gonna be awkward otherwise
8/6/2022 c63 Guest
Would be cool if Vergil was taught how to make rune magic work

Then maybe teach her girlfriend and tony

I wonder what kinds of armor and mechs they could make with it
8/5/2022 c56 Guest

Yes please

Maybe make him talk British

And make his hat into a spider drone that shoots lasers and maybe becomes a buzz saw when thrown

Maybe tony can lend an arc reactor for bob too
8/5/2022 c54 Guest
Not related to the chapter

It Would be cool if Vergil learned some swordsmanship with some knife work of course

With his strength in and out of the nano suit, magic runes and his resolve to kill when necessary he could fight close quarters like genji (without the neon light show maybe?)

Hope he learns how to throw knives as competently as his bow so he could do some silent assassinations with multiple targets at once

Maybe magic up some runes to make them explode or act like monomolecular blade in terms of sharpness when thrown or handled
8/5/2022 c54 Guest
Hmm dunno why Tony’s torn up about it

He probably killed lots too

Although yeah seeing a teen kill like it’s nothing is a little alarming

Those kids live in Bludhaven (and in this AU it’s borderlands in pandora but nicer)

Where it’s mad max themed people out in the boonies
And have annual criminal purged via angry ghost car

Side note
Was kinda hoping Vergil would befriend the car so he would have a badass ghost car tho

Side note side note

I reaaally hope Ironlad doesn’t stick

Maybe something cool like “Real Steel”, “Steel Sentinel”
Or just “Sentinel”
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