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1/24/2022 c2 Guest
death by shower LOL
I can totally see why he wouldn't want a clone. it's either the clone is naked with him in the shower (odd), the clone is fully clothed but soaking wet (odd), or he makes a clone that's not an exact replica (maybe lose a member... odd)
8/27/2019 c2 goddess-training
this is awesome. I love your descriptions.
10/10/2018 c2 13Tropicallight
Ooh I enjoyed this so much!
12/6/2017 c2 Miikasa
Haha...that was funny..and tension there ,control yourself sasuke !
4/25/2017 c1 UchihaLuna1230
I'm just gonna stay here and melt for a while
9/7/2016 c2 Izanami118
Hahahahahahaha that was funny
4/22/2016 c2 League Of Villains
Sasuke had me bawling with laughter! Love it! Another hit! Definite yes!
4/22/2016 c1 League Of Villains
:3 Mushy sweetness Love it!
2/24/2016 c2 Guest
Most of the post war fics are so angsty and its really nice to read such a cute and fluffy fic bc sasuke and sakura are totally dorks and this fuc is super cute!
8/20/2015 c2 3SoldierSasuke
Hahahaha this is AMAZING. I couldn't stop laughing at Sasuke's various failed attempts to be suave. This chapter was just so perfect.
7/9/2015 c2 Jaimemsbae
There's no ooc and the story is interesting :3 I like it
7/9/2015 c2 Guest
Ohhhh! I like this
3/19/2015 c2 EternalLoyalty
'Bellowing in anger and pain, he fails and slips on the wet floor, landing flat on his back.'
'It feels wonderful, and he practically purrs with satisfaction.', Uchiha Sasuke, deadly ninja on the battlefield, angry cat when dealing with cleanliness. Aw well, at least he's fluffy with Sakura. XD
1/20/2015 c2 7Pierrot's Vault
Haha Sasuke's so vulnerable and cute!
12/12/2014 c2 HungryLemonGames
Hehehehe :3
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