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11/8/2018 c25 LessThanThreeAkatsuki
I originally came here bc I thought this would be FlakyxFliqpy! Chapters in and I realized Flippy/Evil wouldn't be the murderers in this fic xD but some mysterious person! I really enjoyed this fic, I kept on wondering what will happen to the friends since it seemed like this fic wont bring them back if they were to die!
I know Flaky n Flippy were supposed to be the ship but I LOVE that Flaky was always more focused on finding/saving her friends instead of getting caught up in Flippy's confessions. Tbh Im still kinda curious on WHY Flippy was drawn to Flaky. Was it that day when they shared an umbrella/coat? (srry i forgot which)
6/2/2015 c25 10Shadow dark the hedgehog
;) Que cool
4/15/2015 c25 3HTFan
This was a really good story. It was quick, lots of stuff was always going on, and I enjoyed the plot very much.

Overall, a really good story, and congratulations on making a complete story. Hope your future stories will be as, or more, successful than before.
4/2/2015 c24 Guest
I wish for an epilogue please? Unless the next story IS the epilogue. Your story actually inspires me to want to make a sonic the hedgehog story that involves a party. Btw does giggles still blame them for ruining the party or does she now blame only shifty?
4/1/2015 c24 windiershark
I also wish to see an epilogue
4/1/2015 c24 1shinelikeme
The...story...is done?

Am I the only one that feels like this story needs an epilogue?

I freaking love you now. 3
3/30/2015 c23 shinelikeme
I love you...

until I read another cliffhanger.
3/30/2015 c22 Guest
I hope flippy arrives in time and stops shifty. Though I kinda want to know if they meet lammy the one who put them in the rooms
3/29/2015 c22 shinelikeme


I cry
3/26/2015 c21 ANNAmationsYT
This is great so far. Really enjoying the story.
3/25/2015 c21 Guest
I hope the next chapter shows flaky. And btw why was flippy in giggles group anyway? Did she used to be nice but later became a spoiled brat that she is now?
3/20/2015 c20 Guest
It's shifty! But whyyyyyyy? And btw does this mean flippy is no longer part of giggles group? I hope so cuz she be a brat
3/18/2015 c19 59Better a Freak Than A Fake
Shifty! I was wondering about him. I hope I'm right. This is something Shifty would do and I had been wondering about him the whole time.
3/14/2015 c18 Guest
I knew he loves her:3
3/7/2015 c17 Guest
For some reason it didn't show the names so I'll write them in the order I listed them: giggles,lammy,shifty,Splendont,tiger general
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