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1/26 c29 Nihilism
Just read up to Ch:29. Gotta say, really liked everything I read up till this and the previous chapter. The reason for me not liking them as much is how forced and obvious the romance between Yang and Amat is. Now that said, I'm ONLY at ch 29. It's entirely possible I'm wrong and it doesn't go the way I'm thinking. Everything else is aces though.
1/23 c41 AvirRapter
By the Gods I'm crying, hot damn your writing is amazing.
1/22 c31 AvirRapter
Woo! She's a saint! But this time it ain't just a compliment!
1/21 c1 AvirRapter
I apologise if these reviews are supposed to be far more well-made, this is my first one and I just wanted to give my appreciation right quick.

I'm very glad I found this, from chapter one alone I can already tell that this will be an absolute beauty that'll keep me up at night with excitement.
1/4 c103 2MrGravia
Loved the chapter, and I’m in a similar boat with writers block.

Was able to get only a single chapter out this year as well, and two chapters of my other story. Just hard to write with what’s going on.

As for ruby itself o rather love the series more now as they finally fleshed out the world. I was amazed when I went back and realized just how little there was in volume 1-3. Great action, but like little substance.

I also got lucky in that though I started writing after volume 5, nothing in my world building or plans has really been effected by canon additions, save for finally giving me an endgame objective.

I do so love this story and your writing though. I’ve learned a ton about world building, action and character development from reading it. It rivals anything from the official black library, as well as many fantasy stories I’ve ever read.

Takes your time and finish on your own schedule. I’ll be here every step of the way reading with glee.
1/2 c103 Holtenator
Keep up that good work I know how hard writers block is man. I’ve greatly enjoyed your story and for the past year I’ve been checking for updates. That shows how much I enjoy this story. Looking forward to more
12/31/2020 c103 1LNC3L0T
I was here read all 103 chapters. It was amazing. Your story is by far my favorite one so far. It's sad 2020 was not a great year, but I hope you are fine and well Redrum Sprinkles.

I'll be here waiting for the next chapter :D
12/26/2020 c103 AdaptiveAvamaton
I have binged this all today. It is a thing of glory and you should be very proud.
12/22/2020 c103 Guest
Sir, thank you. I know this may not seem like much coming from anon, but you kindled a love of RWBY fan projects in me. I began reading this story some four years ago, and to see someone as dedicated to their craft, even in light of recent developments in both the world at large and RWBY as a franchise, is inspiring.

TL; DR: Bravo, you magnificent basted.
12/21/2020 c67 TaskRabbit
Ira was your most interesting OC, big RIP. Love your work though, and I fully intend to leave a larger review later. Thanks for posting your work for us!
12/21/2020 c101 Ase Of SpADeZ
Best fanfic I’ve ever read
12/16/2020 c103 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
12/11/2020 c103 EternalWisdom
A great chapter with lots of fun and excellent quality as usual. I am not surprised that you still got the touch when it comes to this amazing story.

I admit to sharing some of your feelings over the Cannon of RWBY as per the later volumes, but like you I still hold fond memories of what once was, and a wry imagination for what could have been.

But that's what fanfic is for. For forging new opportunities where the Canon has failed to tread. And crazy cool stuff for lols.

I admire your conviction to this story and will happily wait however long it takes to read your next chapter. Do not rush, my fellow author, write what is best when you may.

You are easily one of my favorite authors.

Good luck.
12/9/2020 c103 Guest
I started this fic a year ago. I kept up with updates and waited with this page open for a full year, refreshing it once a month. I’m glad to hear that you’re ok and am willing to wait as long as it takes for this fic to finish. Great chapter as always.
12/8/2020 c103 Justice
Gotta say I was worried, its certainly reassuring to know youre still around.
I commend you though, for everything you've endured so far while away.
Can't say I've had enough of this story, it's safe to say the best fan fiction I've ever read.

All in all, I'll be cheering for you from the sidelines, wish you only the best.
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