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for A World of Bloody Evolution

6/7 c1 Guest
Rape for the rape god
5/22 c105 AlphBeta117
This is amazing! sad to not see my boys in black make an appearance after they were teased, kek.
4/29 c105 9KingKaiju007
This has been the best fanfiction I have ever read. Maybe even the best piece of fiction in general. I await with bated breath for the rest of this magnificent Story. It has even inspired me to write my own WH40k fiction. Can't wait to see this finished!
3/27 c13 fahri.uchiha
So, Weiss start the adventure
3/27 c12 fahri.uchiha
Thanks! 12
3/27 c11 fahri.uchiha
Will we meet many other RWBY characters?
3/27 c10 fahri.uchiha
It was Weiss all along!?
3/27 c9 fahri.uchiha
3/27 c8 fahri.uchiha
Yang.. good job
3/25 c19 Guest
3/23 c105 Daniel Flores Choque
Hello, may I ask, can Yang become a living saint at will?

and could kill a Greater Daemon like a bloodthirster like a human?
2/19 c7 fahri.uchiha
Thanks! 7
2/19 c6 fahri.uchiha
Nice prologue for Lady Inquisitor
2/19 c5 fahri.uchiha
Meet well Orc!
2/19 c4 fahri.uchiha
Sad chapter
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