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for A Life Once Lived

10/12 c35 Aelin Black
I would like to say that this is one of the best Harry Potter fanfics that I have ever read. I love it. It makes one understand what the characters feel and bring a deeper version of this story that I rarely see. And while I understand why you are not continuing this story, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I hope that if ever this story will be adopted, the writer will do this story justice. Thank you for writing this book. It was perfect.
9/1 c35 1World-Explorer
thankyou so much! especially the last notes. i love your story regardless if uve finished it or not.
8/31 c35 TJeanetteT
I reread the whole story and I have to say, I forgot how absolutely devastating some of the sad parts are. Geez. So well written though and really good at evoking the desired emotions. I am sad to hear that you won't be continuing the story but I guess Sirius can breath a sigh of relief since you won't be killing off the one and only love of his life. ;D Lol. Cheers!
8/23 c35 Elle Ryder
Thank you for sharing your notes! It does give closure and that’s just really awesome
I do appreciate how you were planning to end this story, I kinda love sad but good endings.
Thank you again
Also congrats on your baby! Wishing y’all the best
8/22 c35 Guest
If someone adopts the story can you post a chapter sharing who does and maybe a link? I loved reading this story
8/22 c35 13Nightfire k'Vala
Thank you for these notes :) it was great to see where you intended to take your characters!
Also, CONGRATS on your parasite (lol)!
8/22 c35 RanAnka
Thanks you for this amazing story.
You are good writer.
8/21 c35 AsaMayoko
This was a beautiful story. The last chapter feels like a wonderful warm hug, and a lovely soft epilogue for these characters you have made your own. Thank you for giving them all such kind endings, and thank you for sharing this story with us!
8/21 c35 myafroatemydog
Thank you for writing everything out. Congratulations about the baby. You are a great writer.
8/21 c35 Axel Fones
Thank you so much for sharing your notes.
8/21 c35 ScarletRoofs
Thank you!
8/21 c30 myafroatemydog
Such a good chapter you had me tearing up when she was talking to her grandma and the funeral part. I lost my mom Last year and it’s still painful and overwhelming.
8/19 c23 myafroatemydog
This is honestly my favorite chapter yet. Haha I loved the jungle book scene
8/13 c34 SentinalSlice
Awww. I’ll miss this. Please just don’t delete this.
8/12 c34 Nenagh
Congrats on the graduation (magna cum laude!) and best wishes going forward! If you ever decide to write something else that moves you in whichever fandom you choose I hope you consider sharing it! Your ideas and writing are so good and I'm sure anything you feel passionate about now will be just as good if not better! Be well and thank you!
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