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6/17 c13 10Amu4ever
This story is really something. Great work!
6/16 c12 Amu4ever
So...why are they assuming his arm will continue to be lost? If they are fast enough it could be reattached, even if some function of it would most likely be lost.
6/12 c10 Amu4ever
Your writing draws one in. It is really good. Thank you for sharing. :-)
6/12 c9 Amu4ever
Your writing is sooo great!
6/12 c8 Amu4ever
Who in Estraneo would have cared for Mukuro? Maybe for each other, but if anyone in that family had cared for him, theere would have been some sign of it. Yet there was not.

Also, no. Tsuna commiting suicide would not cause everyone to rethink their actions. Would be nice if that was the case, but it is not realistic. Some would of course. But others would not.

I do understand why he would think like that, but there are many shades of grey in the world not only black and white and some people simply do not care. Some are even biologically incaple of it.
6/10 c1 Amu4ever
This is...confusing...BUT interesting.
4/1 c8 YelenaLovegood
10, I absolutely hate Natsu
3/11/2020 c28 Hina-cchi
Im sad this got a sad and a happy ending. Im happy that natsu died but sad this had to end happily. I thought that the ending might be that the vindice continued to manipulate tsuna and kawahira and vongola would have a temporary alliance to stop tsuna. Of course they would be able to but reborn and tsuna would be the ones to die. That all
3/11/2020 c10 Hina-cchi
Too intense. Owemji its midnight!
3/11/2020 c1 Hina-cchi
Nice chap
11/26/2018 c27 3cinhtay
I liked natsu
11/26/2018 c11 cinhtay
Hahahahahahahahahaha poor dino, good timing.
10/3/2018 c13 AIZIE-2U
8/11/2018 c28 1Wind2048
The first half of this story was pretty good, but then after the Varia arc came, especially when Natsu's secret was out, you tended to skip a lot more parts of the plot with no explanations. This made it harder and more confusing to follow the plot and generally what was going on. I suppose this story was meant to follow the relationship of Tsuna and Reborn, and that we've already seen what happens in the arcs, but I personally felt that this story was rushed near the end.

Either way, this story was pretty decent, so good job.
7/4/2018 c28 Guest
Reborn and tsuchan should be together forever as lovers
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