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7/27/2016 c7 8pianoprincess123
To those with HIV: What is your current prognosis?

To those without HIV: How do you feel about your friends being afflicted with HIV?
8/1/2015 c7 4greasedmarshmallow
If somebody gave you a rainbow flag and a sparkly leotard and told you to do your thing, what would you do?
7/28/2015 c7 7hallescomet97
Bohemians: If you were some sort of mystical creature, what would you be?

Boho except Benny: BE HONEST- if something really bad happened to Benny (He got severely sick/hurt or died), how would you react?

All HIV positive Bohos: If you don't mind me asking (feel free to refuse to answer if this is too personal), how did you all get the diseases...and how did you react when you found out you had it?

All HIV positive bohos: BE HONEST-If there was a way to transfer your HIV to another person so YOU were cured and healthy but THEY had the disease...would you ever even consider doing it?

Roger and Mark: If you were in switched positions (Roger was "the one to survive, Mark was HIV positive), how would you feel?

All bohos: If you could live in a world without HIV/Aids...but it meant you all had NEVER met...would you?
7/28/2015 c6 2Broadway's Next Baby
Everyone: Who is your celebrity crush?
Everyone: Who is your OTP?
7/27/2015 c6 7hallescomet97
Bohemians: If you went to college, what was your major?

Mimi: Why did you leave rehab?

Roger: What made you come back from Santa Fe?

Mark: What did Lexi say when you quit?

Maureen: How many people have you dated exactly?
7/27/2015 c5 2Juana of Castile
Angel and Collins: How do you feel about all the fluff written about you?

Mark and Roger: Opinion on Mark/Roger?
7/26/2015 c5 7hallescomet97
Mark: Would you EVER go back to working at Buzzline?

All Bohemians: What would you do if you ever saw "The Man" again?

Benny: Where did you meet Allison and what made you fall in love with her? People may see you as shallow, but I doubt you'd marry a girl purely for looks or money.

All bohemians: If you and your partner had a kid, what would you name them?

Mimi: If you weren't working at the cat scratch, where would you work?
7/26/2015 c1 A fangirl
Roger: what got you into music in the first place?
Jo-ann: Opinion of Maureen/Mark relationship?
Everyone: fave Disney movie?
7/26/2015 c3 4greasedmarshmallow
This is awesome!
Do you read your own fanfiction? (RENT fanfic)
5/27/2015 c4 hallescomet97
Everyone: where did the calling Allison muffy thing come from?

Angel: did you really have a cat that fell and died, or did you just say that to make Benny feel better?

Benny: where did you and Allison get your Akita evita?
5/27/2015 c1 Guest
Hi! Great job. :)
My Questions:
How did Mark get his scarf?
Has Maureen ever injured anyone, even by accident?
If all the characters worked in a coffee shop, how soon would they get fired/quit and why?
Do you ship Fressalyn? ;)
3/30/2015 c3 5LonelyKangaroo
"What's the meaning of life in one word?"
Angel: "Now"

My goodness, I'm crying like a baby...
Great fic!
3/29/2015 c2 7hallescomet97
First I'd like to apologize for my morbid question. Hopefully you all aren't too mad at me. Second, I'd like to take my question I gave roger about whether or not he'd save Benny and direct it at all the other bohos.
3/29/2015 c1 i3 mark
mark will you go on a date wit me?
3/29/2015 c1 perkypi757
all-whats up duloc?
all-if the sky were falling would you
a: rejoice because the sun was getting closer so you could have a good tan, or
b: scream your $# off
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