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17h c44 AS
Sirius ripping Fudge apart for the dementors is always so funny to imagine - also love Dumbledore's relief at NOT being on the receiving end.
3/2 c22 AS
Continuing my re-read of the I series, and enjoying picking up on details that I missed the first time around. I remember in Innocent, Remus essentially tells Harry he isn't a Horocrux and I wondered if that was true or if Remus would end up being wrong. However, with Tom feeling himself when the diary is stolen and how later on in this series he talks about being hesitant to destroy Harry because he doesn't want to mess up his older self's plan - seems like poor Harry is still a Horocrux.
2/5 c45 2Imaginer.012
Wonderful job!
1/21 c45 5olivia71295
Goodness was a wonderful story! I love how everything played out differently yet again. Here's to hoping that Ginny gets the help she desperately needs
1/11 c45 Gennebra
"Ginny's handas it had since FebruaryGinny's rested on lost."

Always feels like a punch to the gut :,)
12/9/2020 c23 ThingsCanBeTwoThings
I've been rereading from the beginning (thoroughly enjoying your characterizations) and this is another time you're mentioning the newsletters. It occurs to me that maybe they're based on a newsletter you've seen on scientific advanced? I get the JSTOR daily, which is fantastic, and the NBER newsletter which is also good though not frequent, but if you have a research newsletter to recommend I'd love to know.
10/8/2020 c25 joycezhanng
ginny you stupid stupid girl go to mcgonagall NOW. WHAT ARE YOU DOING
10/8/2020 c22 joycezhanng
SIRIUS that is literally barty crouch junior the death eater RIGHT THERE OH MY GOD he was literally like "is it him? is it the dark lord?" like an eager puppy and he used "DARK LORD" HOW DO YOU NOT SUSPECT ANYTHING
10/8/2020 c20 joycezhanng
"Harry found the heir in an old book. It's-oh, Ginny, it's You-Know-Who!"

"You're sure?"

"Positive. He was here at Hogwarts, fifty years ago, !HIS NAME WAS TOM RIDDLE!, and opened it then, but now he's doing it again somehow..."

10/8/2020 c18 joycezhanng
"i was right," then harry could have just added "TOM RIDDLE IS THE HEIR OF SLYTHERIN"

10/8/2020 c12 joycezhanng
"who do you think it was?"

and instead of dumbledore being mysterious and dramatic and angsty he just says "tom riddle aka voldemort."

then ginny turns in the diary and bam, problem solved. one more horcrux found and no one else petrified or risking their life. fucking simple.

i mean surely dumbledore could have given them voldemort's real name? like do they really expect his actual name to be fucking lord voldemort? why did no one ask?

ughghghghhhhhh and ginny i get you're eleven but girl COME ON you're forgetting your memory, sleep walking, waking up wet at convenient times, then the roosters get killed after tom asks you about them, are you REALLY THAT DAFT?
9/21/2020 c2 14Kudara
Poor Dora, but she's right. You can't have a relationship where one person is just waiting for the first excuse to break it off. Remus needs to go to therapy and fix himself before he can be there for anyone else.
9/17/2020 c45 Emma Menheniott
Intense and enjoyable story. Really interesting way of covering the second year.
9/17/2020 c45 LAB1
What a great story! I love how you have Draco as still Draco, but a much kinder version of him. Loved seeing the back story of Tom with Ginny.
9/2/2020 c40 Guest
Is this a Harmony, or Hinny and Romione, or, gods forbid, a Dramione story?
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