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1/10/2020 c5 richard.ambridge.3
You really should be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of these poor, terrible puns. Funny as Hell, but still...
1/30/2016 c4 9LWJ2
That is horrid. I love it.
10/26/2015 c5 BMS
"for he is crunchy and taste good w/ ketchup"
Love it!
10/26/2015 c4 BMS
while shaking his head
10/26/2015 c2 BMS
Bit of a stretch for this pun.
10/26/2015 c1 BMS
10/13/2015 c3 turnip29
9/14/2015 c1 3deckman
Yee-ouch! That was a heck of an ending. :)
9/13/2015 c7 6ElrodAlbino
You are a horrible person. Truly, truly horrible. Why must you do these things?

I'm now going to go check out your other writing, to see if the issue is endemic, or you have this one file for all your dirty little puns.

But I will admit, perhaps one of these did make me chuckle.
9/12/2015 c7 50apAidan
An excellent chapter, i've reread it three times and I've snickered each time at the last line.

Thank you for two things. One, for writing such an excellent little vignette that was well crafted and amusing.

Two, for writing something I can point to when people groan at some of my stories and their endings. Yours is a much better one than anything I've written like that.

looking forward to your next offering

ap Aidan
9/12/2015 c7 4Pax Humana
Ah, puns! :)
9/12/2015 c7 kurotatsu72
For some reason, all your HTML coding wound up in the story as well...
6/11/2015 c6 FreeAllFrogs
I can not believe I read the whole thing..
6/11/2015 c5 FreeAllFrogs
6/11/2015 c4 FreeAllFrogs
Bad! Bad! LOL
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