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for Porcelain Hearts

9/18/2018 c7 marina
oh my god! im speechless! this is absolutely one of the best things i've ever read in my life! where's the next chapter, please?!
9/10/2017 c7 Guest
Please continue the story it'd amazing, why did you stopped there so much to explore with the scene on the show from their kiss and the scenes in season 2
5/9/2017 c7 Guest
This is an amazing fanfiction and I honestly think it should be continued. It's just so amazing, and so well written. I love every single piece of it, and Alan and Megan's chemistry is just so spot on. *-* You're an amazing writer, don't ever stop doing what you do amazing at! :3
4/10/2017 c3 BrittDS
Please updateeer
3/24/2017 c7 Guest
I' m too sad you stopped to write about that
12/6/2016 c1 44CassetteTapes
1/31/2016 c7 1spookybananakin
I love this story! I got completely hooked on it and I re-read it like 5 times in the last week! It is amazing, they are so cute together! I hope you are going to continue it because it's really good. I loved when she lost the plane and he changed his plans, and then they feel asleep on each other...aww, this story is perfect! I began it a bit skeptical but now I'm completely hooked on it!
12/5/2015 c7 Katie
Hey, what happened ? Where did u go?! LOL, I miss you're writing.
11/18/2015 c7 Lea
Oh my my my I definitely need more of this!
Brilliant writing with an amazing pairing we couldn't ask for more goodness ;)
Please continue! You are an amazing writer! :)
9/5/2015 c7 7pickleshibby
OMG I'm just reading this story. Please continue this!
8/14/2015 c7 katiebug3syfy
Please update soon!
6/22/2015 c7 Katie
Love this story! Love the update. I really like how you write them together. Want more Immediately!
6/22/2015 c7 2lizz204
Love it! Made my day. Please update soon!
6/22/2015 c6 Guest
Love it! Please update soon! I need to know what happens at the pub.
5/28/2015 c1 Katie
Well that update was certainly worth the wait. Hot! Love this story. Please update again soon!
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