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8/26/2023 c13 Spider744cra
Please update this book is so gooood
4/8/2023 c13 Guest
Just a bit confused when your story mentioned that Bella wanted to tell the news about their engagement to Charlie, Cullen and her mom. I may have misunderstood but didn't her mom died and Rose even went with her to Phoenix for the funeral? This may have been missed out since it was mentioned in the earlier chapters but I read this on one go so the details are fresher.

Anyway, great story
12/23/2022 c1 wave.emma
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12/18/2022 c13 marlastiano
7/10/2022 c12 india-guest
Love it
5/30/2022 c12 Guest
I saw on your profile that this story is finished. I was wondering when you will be posting it on here?
4/25/2022 c12 5ZeroHero17
Hello, I know that you are now on Patreon and I support you 100%, but PLEASE can you put the last chapters of Till death on fanfic? I unfortunately unable to afford to pay for Patreon and I am desperate to know how Till Death ended. I am begging you, please.
10/13/2021 c12 merniizztat
La estaré esperando en este sitio por favor no nos olvides
10/9/2021 c12 5Jay aka Jordan
So I would recommend heavily not to move this to that site because this could cause legal action because you are essentially stealing someone’s work. Like this a completely free site to do what you want but the moment it has to be paid for and it’s not through it being publicized it’s not good
10/6/2021 c12 2lynettecullen
Well shit…..I ain’t going over there.
10/3/2021 c12 Nyaaaaaaah
10/3/2021 c12 Ahyah
Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. I've never used patreon so I don't get why the others are upset, but it's your work and your perogative to do with it whatever you will. I appreciate and loved what you've written and posted here.

I wish you good luck with your future endeavours.
10/3/2021 c12 Guest
What is with this patreon crap? You do know that patreon is for original creations and not for stealing others work to make a buck? the whole deal with fanfiction is that we agree as a community that we post our work freely because none of us own the intellectual property or copyrights. You are disrespecting everyone on this site by advertising a scheme to make money illegally. you should be banned from from patreon and fanfiction! Honestly! Shame on you!
10/3/2021 c12 Guest
Well this is pretty shitty. Reported.
10/2/2021 c12 6ArielApostolos
Again with this garbage. You have to know by now that selling someone else's work through Patreon is illegal. The point of fanfiction is that we post it freely because we're not allowed to profit off someone's intellectual property, you fucking moron.
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