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11/8/2020 c1 YannaSheree
oh shit! stay safe you guys
8/30/2020 c150 Guest
I live for weird fanfiction. And this was exactly that- weird.
So I read the whole thing. It wasn’t bad. It was pretty good, I got some unironic enjoyment out of it- and a whole lot more of ironic enjoyment from reading a Yu-Gi-Oh x Don’t Starve crossover that’s twice the length of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Honestly though, it’s so incredibly different from the source material that it probably would have been better if it were just its own thing rather than a fanfiction that stuffs canon characters into a completely foreign setting and lore.
I enjoyed it, but maybe instead of this you could’ve, like, written a book.
11/14/2017 c150 ashethehedgehog
Oh wow! Totally missed this updating! But I'm glad I had the thought just now of 'gosh I wonder if Frost King updated?' and BAM here I am and im so glad I came! Here it is the final chapter woo! Nice and short, I really like that in the final scene. A small thing that really lets you know thats its ending, and although its sad, it leaves off really well! I like the dynamic between Rae and Wilson, good to see it was a friends thing at the end, that felt nice. I quite like everyone just being best pals at the end, like its one big happy family, makes ya all mushy inside ahaha!
Thank you for writing this wonderful story! Should it ever find its way to AO3 where I live aahaha ill be sure to drop back in and check it out again! Illustrating whole fics is hard work (believe me ive been there lmao) but the pay off is quite nice! I wish you luck if that is the path you take! I'm sure wherever your writing takes you you will have a blast! Good luck in the future, and thanks again for the great fic!
7/20/2017 c150 fromtheashtrees
I suspect you'll be going for a while, Wilson. It's not exactly easy to summarize.

Weird to think we're at the end already - but what a journey it's been. I'll miss these characters, I think - maybe it's just me, but you seem to be very good at getting people invested in your characters and stories, which can be hard to do.

Yeah - Pokemon games feel like they would take a while, too, because you have to map out the whole place, and some hundred-and-something Pokemon, as well as characters...there's a lot to do. Good luck with that, though!

Anyway, thanks for writing such a great story and I look forward to reading more of your writing in future. :)

7/8/2017 c150 Cornflower27
I loved your story. Though I had quite some trouble sleeping after reading the part about cutting out tongues and Willsons parents being killed. And him toled that way! :'(

I'm wondering a bit about how things will be for Yami and Yugi in the future. How will the first meeting with Atems father go. Will he get healthy again? Will Atem and Yugi have to take over the throne? Or will Atems father resume the throne? Maybe with Hanna helping him? So that Atem and Yugi have to take only some responsibility for now? Atem doesn't have any siblings so Yugis going to be to Brotherking one day? How is the sunlit kingdom going to change?

Are Willson and Rae going to get together? Will Rae get her printing press? Will they find the other Bradbury-Owrells ? A Bradbury-Owrell with medical knowledge would be good. Then they could make vaccines to prevent future plagues due to their bodies not being used to certain sicknesses.

Are the Pail-skins going to repopulate Newport? Did all ships disembark at the sunlit kingdom or are there others which they don't know of? If yes are they going to come?

Since Teana is going to marry Bakura, is Atem going to fall in love with Mana? At least from what Mana toled Yugi they were pretty close as well.

Maybe you could write a sequel one-shot? Or two? However many you need to answer those questions? And maybe some small adventures if you happen to get hit with some inspiration you can't get rid of. :)
6/11/2017 c150 32angiembabe
Yay! You finished it. Endings often feel like a strange anticlimax. I think Wilson is going to die a virgin. Lol..
2/20/2017 c149 Miqu
it's been a while since i read this- gosh i forgot where i left off- something with the dragons?
i don't remember- gosh i wish we had bookmarks on here XD that'd be so much easier
anyway-prolly gonna reread this when i have some more time
1/20/2017 c149 fromtheashtrees
Well, at least they left a message - they could have just left instead.

Yes, it does - and you have to decide to do it from the start, since the whole thing kind of has to be built around it.

Thank you! It is great, and I've been having lots of fun - it's been almost eight years since I last visited (and we're on a different island this time as well) so I don't remember too much of last time and can explore around. And there's plenty of fun things to do too.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the last chapter! (Wow, it's almost done already...?)

1/15/2017 c149 ashethehedgehog
AHHHHHHHH this was so good to read yaaaaaaaas!
Sorry I didn't leave a review on the last chapter! I planned to but I've been so busy I only got to reading it now and here is a new chapter as well ahaha. WOW ONE CHAPTER LEFT AHHH. Almost the end, wow that must feel amazing, knowing ur at the END. Soon no more Frost King to write!
Glad you liked the pic of Yami I drew too! It was actually incredibly fun to draw, I have a huge fondness for beasties and dragons so drawing my fav ygo char AS one was just too good of an opportunity! Also Yami with blue hair is RLY COOL (pun totally unintended I swear!)
The last chapter was hilarious and I was so excited that Yugi was going to find Yami, and then HE FOUND HIMMMMM. AND THEY WENT SLEDDING AHAHA I LOVE IT. So perfect, Wilson's reaction at the end kills me ahaha. I love the way Yami still makes casual Frost King comments even with his human body, there's just something so perfect about it ahaha. Can't wait to see how it all wraps up! It's been such an awesome story to read, thanks again! :D
1/15/2017 c149 angiembabe
Yes, there are quite a few words that have different meanings. I asked my husband- he lived in the States for a year- and he said they were like dumplings in soup! He didn't try it though.
I can imagine that Yugi and Yami don't really know where they belong. They gave a lot of responsibility as Princes and it is a lot to come to terms with. Maybe sledging trip will help them.
1/9/2017 c148 fromtheashtrees
Yes, I think he would, too. You go do that, Yugi.

It is a bit like that - honestly, I think those sort of games would have been better as a movie or something. Some of them manage to get it right, though.

Also, just wanted to let you know that I might disappear for a bit soon - my parents have organised a trip to Hawaii, and although I believe I shouldn't be cut off from the Internet, I'm not entirely sure.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!

1/9/2017 c148 angiembabe
I have to disagree with you on the hummus. Some shop bought ones can be yucky but home made is delicious. Now biscuits and bacon! Here's me making Yami's vomit face. But I'm assuming they are not the same things we call biscuits. I have heard of biscuits and gravy as an American delicacy, but conjured up a vision of a custard cream floating in a bowl of bisto! :0
Gosh! Can't believe this is almost finished. Have you any new projects pending?
Bakura a priest?! Now that is interesting.
12/30/2016 c60 20CheerUpSleepyJean
I just found this fanfic, and I could not be happier about it. I love how you characterized Willow and Wilson, I love Yami's interactions with Yugi, I love the extreme sass...heck, I love everything about this!
12/27/2016 c147 ashethehedgehog
Wahhhhh, that was a really cute chapter, except now I just feel even more sorry for Yamiiiiiiii. That kid needs some serious hugging, like the human to human kind. Like SERIOUSLY PLS LET YAMI HAVE MORE HUGS 2K16. I swear I love this guy the more I see of him. I actually cannot express how much I love his character here ahhhhhHHHHHH.
You're welcome for the CAD review! How funny that i ended up loving Yami to bits in that fic too, regardless of his lack of appearances in it ahaha! What can I saw, you write Yami nicely! I actually read CAD first, and I loved it and then saw Frost King and thought YES ANOTHER ONE ahaha! And damn was it great to read!
Those last few lines there, ouch. Poor Yami. I really feel for the guy. He knows he has to stay in the south but he's always gunna miss the north asdfghjkl its so bittersweet im gunna cry sobs. He needs a certain cousin to come cheer him up MMMMM. Yugi get in there and help out your fam!
12/27/2016 c147 fromtheashtrees

Well, maybe that'll be something to look forward to later...?

Fair enough - I'm not a huge fan of the cutscene style either, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good story without them. It's hard to strike a balance between gameplay and story, though.

...And no, I don't think that's the sort of thing most employers are looking for.

Anyway, until next time!

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