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for Klaine Advent 2014

12/17/2014 c12 Jenzzyuk
aww I really loved this short and sweet Fic
12/17/2014 c11 Jenzzyuk
I totally love how cute Klaine are
12/17/2014 c10 Jenzzyuk
aww this was such a lovely fic
12/17/2014 c9 Jenzzyuk
this was such a cute fic
12/17/2014 c8 Jenzzyuk
I would love to open the door to Klaine singing Christmas Carol's
12/17/2014 c7 Jenzzyuk
aww this was really cute
12/17/2014 c6 Jenzzyuk
aww this was so short but very sweet
12/17/2014 c5 Jenzzyuk
aww I really loved that
12/17/2014 c4 Jenzzyuk
wow this fic was really good
12/17/2014 c3 Jenzzyuk
this was so ever so sweet
12/17/2014 c2 Jenzzyuk
this is so ever so cute
12/17/2014 c1 Jenzzyuk
wow that was short but very sweet
12/3/2014 c2 1gleefan
This is adorable and utterly hilarious. Could you give us a little peek in the shopping bags Kurt brought home?
12/2/2014 c1 62Squiggle.giggle
Loved it !

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