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12/5/2015 c35 jackjenfan
never liked eturd
hes a big player everyyone was too stupid to see it
never understood why eturd was so desirable
12/2/2015 c35 Hope'sLanding19
Ethan has lost it!
6/12/2015 c1 110samanthabravo
I like this even if Gwen and Theresa are becoming friends a bit too fast. Still its well-written and I am glad to see Ethan suffer
4/17/2015 c33 TJStevens
Is Ethan crazy? Does he really want Theresa because his actions say otherwise. He knows she needs to avoid stress and that she has a high risk pregnancy. Is Ethan subconsciously trying to make Theresa lose her babies as payback for Sarah's death. Even though he says he doesn't blame her but every time things didn't go his way it was Theresa killed Sarah, she's the reason our daughter is dead. He's being wishy-washy again. I'm sure Gwen is glad he no longer wants her with all the unnecessary drama he brings. Rebecca brings much needed comedy to cut through all the Ethan drama. It's nice that Rebecca calls Ethan out on his actions now that Theresa and Gwen have somewhat forgiven him. They have moved on and not wanting to hold onto feelings for Ethan even if it was anger. I just hope Ethan doesn't try to get full custody of little Ethan now that Theresa is engaged to Noah. I think he needs anger management classes because his actions are beginning to be a little over the top.
4/12/2015 c32 TJStevens
I hope Theresa hasn't jinxed them. Yay! Bring on the double wedding. I hope it's not Ethan who's visiting. Hopefully he can move on with his life and enjoy being a father to his son. Theresa/Ethan/ Gwen will always be connected through their children and by moving on maybe Ethan can have a happy ending too.
4/3/2015 c31 TJStevens
I'm glad Theresa has her memory back and that it wasn't dragged out. On to Ben and Katherine I wonder how she found out about Peggy being pregnant and why did Ben agree to raise Sam. I'm glad Alastair saved Ben. It would have been so easy for him to let Ben die and then he would have been Sam's only parent. Great chapter.
3/26/2015 c29 TJStevens
Yay! Theresa and the babies will be alright. I'm glad Alastair apologized to Sam and hopefully they can have some kind of relationship.
3/26/2015 c30 TJStevens
Okay that was shocking. I thought it would be Ben. Katherine is off the chain crazy. The secret is out so why kill Peggy and Ben. Maybe Alastair will rescue Ben he supposedly has cameras every where in Harmony. I don't even know how Alastair will react to Katherine killing Peggy. Hopefully this will bring the dysfunctional family together and not tear it apart. I can just imagine the look on Noah face when Theresa asked for Ethan. Theresa is handling not being with Ethan very well. So even if she doesn't remember letting him go she seems ready to move on with Noah.
3/25/2015 c28 TJStevens
Ivy and Peggy are now fighting over Sam. You would think Alastair would be the one fighting so maybe he has changed for the better. Maybe he just wanted the secret out and now Sam can come to him if that's what he wants. I'm sure Ivy is taking this as a sign that her and Sam was meant to be. But why is Peggy trying to keep Sam and Ivy apart? I mean if Sam wants to be with her why would she be against it. Does she feel that if Sam leaves his family that there's no reason for her to stay with Ben? Is there a curse on Alastair Crane's bloodline. Alastair, Sam and Ethan missed out on raising their firstborns. Although Little Ethan is still young no one knew Ethan was his biological father. Theresa is having twins I just hope she doesn't have to lose one to save the other. This is a great story. I'm constantly wondering what will happen next and how did this come about. You keep me guessing.
3/24/2015 c27 TJStevens
I thought Peggy knew Alastair so why is she surprised that he told the truth. Peggy is going to have to come better than she had no choice. From what I can tell Alastair loved her and was planning a life together for them. He was just a little upset that she was trying to break up with him and thought Ben was the reason. I know Alastair and Peggy still love each other but maybe that won't be enough anymore. Years have passed and they're different people now. Peggy and Ben have been married for over forty? years. They've made a life together even if at first it was built on a lie. She's not just going to leave him. So going on A/P not working out I liked the interaction between Pilar and Alastair. Why is Ben so angry with Alastair? Did he expect to take this secret to the grave? I wonder if he treated Sam differently from Hank who was biologically his. Ben had a lot of anger toward Alastair even before the secret was revealed. Did Alastair make good on his word to make them pay? And I'm curious to know when Alastair got together with Katherine. From the sound of it she was after him maybe she was one of the reasons Peggy couldn't reach Alastair. Ethan has to be one confused dude to go from having his whole identity taken from him and having to try to reinvent himself as someone else and then to have that identity put into question too. It's enough to shake anyone. So now it's Sam's turn to question the person he is as opposed to who he will be now that the truth is out. Theresa just can't win. I hope her and the baby make it out okay. Ivy is just plain crazy. What makes her think Sam would have wanted her if he grew up as a Crane? This is kind of like that movie Sliding Doors we don't know what would be different if Sam Bennett was Sam Crane. Sam Bennett and Ivy Winthrop were like star-crossed lovers. Sam Crane and Ivy Winthrop not so much.
3/24/2015 c27 blueimmortal
Yeah! Keep the chapters coming.
3/23/2015 c26 TJStevens
What is up with Peggy? She didn't even tell Ben that Alastair knows the truth and on top of that goes into the lion's den with her whole family and the rest of the town. Don't get me started on Ben. He feels uncomfortable and doesn't trust Alastair. I wonder why? Is it because he basically stole Alastair's life instead of telling Peggy to go to Alastair in person to tell him about the baby. On some level he has to know that he was second best and that Peggy still loves Alastair. On to Ethan who is back to his old self. To me his old self was nice and honorable not this insensitive jerk. Hopefully his actions doesn't cause Theresa to lose the baby. And all their worlds come crashing down and Alastair reveals a truth that will rock the town of Harmony. I'm beginning to see the parallel between Sam and Alastair they both missed out on a chance to raise their child because for whatever reason the mother didn't inform them. I guess I should be glad that Peggy finally told the truth unlike Ivy who didn't because she wanted Ethan to be the Crane heir. After all Ivy had to suffer being married to Julian so Ethan inheriting the Crane fortune was the reward for her suffering. Never mind that she had other children who were actual Cranes.
3/19/2015 c25 TJStevens
Yes being in a stress free zone will do amazing things for you. And what is Alistair expecting to happen at this party? Is he wanting the truth to come out and just let the cards fall where they may. How will Sam handle being lied to his whole life. I mean so it didn't work out with Alastair his mother could have still told him the truth. Then there's the whole Ivy/Ethan thing where Ivy married Julian because he had money and let him raise Sam's son as his own. Oh my the repercussions of this secret are endless. I don't even know where to begin to untangle this family tree.
3/19/2015 c24 TJStevens
Oh my gosh! So in a sense Ethan is still his grandson. This is going to open a big can of worms. Theresa always said she would be a Crane and now it will happen if her and Noah get married. Okay it finally hit me all the women dated brothers. Sam/Ivy/Julian, Ethan/Theresa/ Noah, Ethan/Gwen/Fox. And Luis/Sheridan/Antonio if that storyline happens in this story.
3/19/2015 c23 TJStevens
I knew it! Gwen and Theresa will probably give birth on the same day. Since they kicked Ethan to the curb their life will be so much better.
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