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for A Winter's Tale

12/16/2014 c3 samiam77
I really like this!
12/16/2014 c3 Just Sus
12/15/2014 c3 banshee69
I suspect Edward was broaching the subject of marriage to see what Bella's reaction would be. I think he was serious in his statement. I'm hoping he'll show up at the ball, just to seek her out. I'm not liking Mike's looks he's sparing her, he's gonna be trouble, isn't her?

I'm enjoying this so much, now that I've caught-up, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

12/15/2014 c2 banshee69
Edward is looking out for Bella's family, but I doubt Charlie would see reason. I like this Edward and Bella, my interest has increased. I'm betting will show up at the ball just to see Bella. Rose hiding her letter was enduring, wonder what word Emmett has sent to her.

12/15/2014 c1 banshee69
My interest is piqued, I do enjoy period pieces.

12/15/2014 c3 Mom23xx
give it to her girl!
12/15/2014 c3 Jasveen
wau i sure hope mike does not harm her!
12/15/2014 c3 2Capricorn75
Make her your wife indeed! I got all excited, too, Isabella!
12/15/2014 c3 Shamatt0403
Already don't like Newton. The name Anthony makes me wonder.
12/15/2014 c3 sujari6
I suspect Michael's going to be a problem.
12/15/2014 c3 roxiegirl
Thank you!
12/15/2014 c3 1Taylor9901
I love it.
12/15/2014 c3 2Sunflower Fran
I think Edward will show up at the ball, just for Bella. But so will that scoundrel Michael Newton. And who was the mysterious man who called to Edward?
12/15/2014 c3 dpennell007
I can't explain how much I'm enjoying your story! Just love it! And I bet Edward wasn't kidding.
12/15/2014 c3 debslmac
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