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for The Lost Ones of Tenrou Island

1/18/2017 c1 10Mio Takamiya Itsuka
Fic you dead this is 2017
Two years
6/9/2016 c1 TheRaptureDay
hmmm... its nice but too rushed i know its a first so dont sweat it but main concern is spell checking and some mashed words and some wrote twice in a row and the only real complaint i have is the length of the first chapter it was time skipped three times in a eight hundred word chapter which can cause people to think that it was extremely rushed and no detail on how people show the emotions and no detail on how natsu got sick or how mira took care of him or how he got knocked out or what the arguement over who the GM would be if you spend just a bit more time on the first chapter couldve easily been a 3k or maybe 5k chapter but i would say great job ive seen read horrible ones so youres is not just spend more time into your chapters and details into what people say or act or interact with eachother or converse in other terms just little details like that can make the chapter 10x better and relationships im not sure if you plan on shipping anyone but if you do put details in like how they show theyre love for each other or how they fall in love hell even lead them to where have a kid or something alone those lines but good work thumbs up!
p.s. im not a writer but ive read maybe around 200 or more fairy tail fan fics but its ok you dont like my advice do what you think you like best hope to see more ill be looking for more chapters or storys good luck!

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