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for Manipulation and Temptation: a new kind of special

9/4 c1 B5QFp
Veri n1c324lst0rinE
10/25/2016 c1 ClaraOswald130
REALLY GOOD! This is a great idea for a fanfic! Keep writing! (There are a few typos, you can use spell check for that).
1/10/2015 c1 7Drapple Drapple Drapple
I love it ! Where did you get that idea it's genius! It's a good time thing that when you change your pov you really stay in each one, not just wander off like some fanfics do. Just a little piece of advice : proof read your work because you actually have quite a number of mistakes! If you do that it will be perfect ;)
Can't wait for the next chapter!
12/5/2014 c1 8ReikoMizutani
My birthday is on August 25! Lol. In all seriousness, it's a great start and interesting idea. My first idea was them creating Specials disguised as pretties, but someone beat me to it years ago.
12/4/2014 c1 VodKa94
I love the idea and the plot line. If anything needs to be worked on its your grammar but only to make it easier to read.

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