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for A Little Red Christmas

6/5/2021 c6 jasouatfan
Love them
12/28/2018 c1 Guest
It's cute. Wish there was more Henry drama, but it was good.
6/25/2018 c5 1winx563
I want sequel that was awesome
3/23/2017 c6 8Athlantis
OMG! I can't believe you added an epilogue and I had no idea
So awesome and wonderful and it gave me butterflies in my stomach!
loooove it!
3/3/2017 c4 217Goth Albino Angel
I love how the readers are just left to wonder what that 'reply too inappropriate to be said in front of Ruby's grandmother' is.
3/3/2017 c2 Goth Albino Angel
I spent twenty freaking minutes laughing hysterically at 3:30 in the morning thinking about Regina Mills dancing an Irish jig with Ruby Lucas. I couldn't freaking breathe. That was the best thing for me to think about EVER.

Also, I give no fucks how old Henry is, kid's a dick.
6/8/2016 c6 23nothinparticular
Well I do feel kind of weird for reading this in June but the description caught my interest and I couldn't stop reading after the first few lines. I love the fact that you included Granny in the story and how her feelings towards Regina changed during that one evening. And RedQueen - well. Let's just say I can really see them together. Both of them have a darkness inside that they struggle against and I feel they can truly understand each other. Mabye they are the only ones who really can. I'm a fan of the rather unusual Regina/f pairings (I'm writing a lot of SnowQueen myself) as they have so much potential. Regina and Tinkerbell (their friendship, Tink saving her and the fact that fairies aren't supposed to love), Regina and Belle (Belle loves one "monster" and I could see her fall for another), Regina and Elsa (both struggling with their magic even though in different ways) as well as of course Regina/Ruby & Regina/Snow. These couples usually don't get the reviews they deserve, so I'm always happy to stumble upon another author who doesn't care - no, we do - and still writes for this relatively small fandom. Thanks for the story, I'll be sure to check out your other RedQueen fics. I really enjoy your style of writing. xo
1/21/2016 c6 7KBlanx
Love it. I love your Red Queen fics. Keep em coming.
1/9/2016 c6 Guest
Amazing story,love it! Love redqueen a lot!
10/21/2015 c6 Daisy
10/18/2015 c6 74pratz
What a satisfying slow burn. Love your granny most!
10/18/2015 c2 9JimmyHall24
Fuck Henry fuck him and fuck regina for putting up with him.
1/29/2015 c6 sophie9483
So cute! I love me some RedQueen!
1/3/2015 c6 Guinevere L
Love it! I hope you'll write more Red Queen story
1/3/2015 c6 doccubus lurver
Wow that was just amazing! And totally unexpected. And long. Am I wrong for wanting more of their journey haha? Granny getting the ball rolling was totally believable. You really captured the myriad of emotions that the beginning of a relationship/first date rolls through. I am in awe of your storytelling abilities. Thanks for sharing.
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