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6/23/2015 c1 287darkgirl3
Aw their first kiss. I wish that the show would show this, you did an excellent job of it. Keep up the great work and can't wait read more.
12/19/2014 c1 5swimminginwaterfalls
One of my absolute favourites, I think you know that :) I very much look forward to more of your firsts fics 333
12/7/2014 c1 GreenEyes09
I love it!
12/7/2014 c1 9LuckyStarPham
Awww I hate you. You're torturing me with McRoll feelings (Just kidding. I'm not complaining). I get the exact feelings over several exact details as the first time I read it (and I read it several times that week already). This is a cute fic, yet full of emotion. Soft, delicate, sweet, touching yet hilarious. It's really nice to see this side of Steve: boyish grins, the happiest grin on his face, loud heartbeat,... He's like a boy in high school who is smitten with his girl friend. I love the silent mode they have sometimes. It doesn't like they don't know what to say when they're together. It shows how comfortable they are being together, how much they enjoy each other's company. My heart is melt. I have so many favorite quotations on this fic, all of them make me smile like an idiot. As always, your writing skill exerts a substantial effect on my poor heart xoxo. Love it when I can feel the emotions xoxo
12/6/2014 c1 Guest
So cute. You just ruined first kiss experiences everywhere cause plenty of them are nothing like that! i love your short stories.
12/6/2014 c1 Guest
Oh, so awesome! I really just love your stories! Looking forward to more!
12/6/2014 c1 22sym64
Awww. This was so sweet. And cute. Perfect first kiss.

Loved it.
12/6/2014 c1 CatherineHF0
I love it so much thank you
12/6/2014 c1 St
Another fantastic story! Looking forward to more stories about Steve and Catherine!
12/6/2014 c1 ACndCA
So cute1 And very in character :)

Thank you
12/6/2014 c1 Guest
I love your stories, please keep them coming!
12/6/2014 c1 Guest
Love it. Already read it before at your tumblr and now here in McRoll FF..Great job!

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