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7/16/2022 c40 Guest
Your stories for Remus and Hermione are the best and most uplifting happy endings I have ever read. They mend my heart where otherwise was broken upon Remus' death in the original version. For this I thank you with the utmost regard. I hope happiness finds you and that you can continue on writing such beautiful pieces. Cheers!
3/14/2022 c40 2Opera123
amazing writing skills and thank you for sharing your gift with others
3/1/2022 c40 jsfanfix
I absolutely loved this story. You are a fantastic writer!
2/15/2022 c40 mxkylee
Oh. My. Godric. This is THE BEST Remione fic I have ever read. I cried the entire time. Their love is so PURE
2/7/2022 c40 WolfyLeigh
This was just amazing to read.. I loved it so much.. recently I've been getting bored of longer fan fics but this kept my attention all the way to the end.. Read it all in almost one go.. you're very talented :3 also loved that they were so in character..
1/22/2022 c40 21CallaRose4ever
Sweet thanks for sharing this awesome story I enjoyed reading it.
11/25/2021 c40 Guest
Já tentei escrever meu último comentário algumas vezes .
Sendo sincera eu comecei a lê sem muitas expectativas, mas para relaxar e uau eu realmente gostei da história. Ela me envolveu , me fez sorrir , sentir junto com os personagens . Enfim, me fez viajar. Parabéns pela escrita e pela história.
10/1/2021 c40 useristooshort
I absolutely adore this story. This set the standards high for other HG/RL fanfics. This is a fantastic piece of work, and thank you for sharing this. LOTS OF LOVE!
5/22/2021 c40 9jaclynkaileigh
This story was incredibly well written and well woven. The way you were able to knit together all of these characters into something so naturally was truly amazing and done at a pace that made sense. Wonderful story thank you so much!
5/5/2021 c26 alannalove1990
5/5/2021 c25 alannalove1990
Oh goodness! Keep trying again Hermione!
5/5/2021 c24 alannalove1990
This is sooo good!
5/5/2021 c23 alannalove1990
This is such a cute pairing
5/5/2021 c22 alannalove1990
Awwwwww it’s so adorable
5/5/2021 c21 alannalove1990
Goooo Hermione and Remus!
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